Happy Birthday!


Today is my birthday. It’s going to be pretty low key. It’s not a big one (I’m just 28). I got my big birthday gift about 2 weeks ago. So all I’m expecting is maybe a few cards and possibly a homemade cake from my loves. But reallly, those are some fine birthday gifts if you ask me.

All I really wanted this year was some new bedding. That’s a sign of getting old, right? Bedding for my birthday. I looked all over to find some I really loved and I finally did. Too bad it was out of stock online in the size we needed. Our local store didn’t have it in the right size either. Luckily, I have some fabulous friends. A friend, who lives all the way in Nebraska, was able to find it at her local store. She had the store ship it to me. It is so nice to have friends all over the place.

Here is my fabulous new bedding.

I’ve had a love affair with paisley since about third grade. I had a teddy bear with paisley on the feet and hands. He was appropriately named Paisley and I loved him. My love affair continues 20 years later. As soon as I saw those paisley shams (and matching bedskirt) I knew this was the set. Our previous set is one we received as a wedding gift and needed to be replaced desperately. We upgraded and went for some luxury. It was well worth it. I’ve been having some fabulous nights of sleep since we got the set.



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. It’s beautiful!! Happy Birthday!!

  2. Julee

    Love it! I want to know about the cake! Happy Birthday hope it is relaxing and very special!

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