30 Weeks

Here is a fun comparison. 30 weeks with Cady. I feel smaller this time around, but I’m not sure the belly actually is:

How Far Along: 30 weeks! I can’t believe I’m already to this point. This pregnancy has just flown by.

Size of baby:3lbs 3 oz (possibly a bit more) and 15.7 inches. The size of a cabbage.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +23 lbs. I am right on track for perfect weight gain for my height/beginning weight (34 total lbs). Although my Dr. did say yesterday that the baby is starting to measure just slightly large, so we will have to see how that goes.

Maternity Clothes: I am still wearing a few pair of jeans with the rubberband trick. Loving my dresses though. I keep meaning to try on my maternity jeans and see is those are fitting any better.

Gender: Still a girl

Movement: This past week I have noticed a huge increase in her movement. It seems as if it I have a constant elbow or knee or foot sticking in some part of my abdomen. But since my Dr said she has started measuring a little big it makes much more sense.

What I miss: My feet? No, really I’m not missing anything. This pregnancy has just been so nice and I’ve loved it the whole time.

Sleep: I’m still enjoying my sleep while it’s still easy. I think I wear myself out so much chasing Cady around all day and that is why it’s been such a breeze. I’m pretty sure I was starting to have sleep issues by this time with Cady
Symptoms: Nothing really.
Cravings: Heath Bar. I want to eat a Heath bar so badly right now. I fully intend to stop somewhere tomorrow and get one.

Best Moment this week: I went to the Dr yesterday. I got to hear her heartbeat, which I always love. I just love the confirmation that all is going well. We also were able to set an induction date! So I have a date that, barring any issues or complications, we should be meeting this little baby!

What I am looking forward to: I have a sonogram at my next Dr appt. I can’t wait to see her again. We never got one so late with Cady, so it’s going to be so cool to see how she looks this far along.



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2 responses to “30 Weeks

  1. Grandma

    I can’t wait to see her!!! Love you!!

  2. Yay they’re letting you see her again!

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