First Day of Fall School

The school year has begun again for us.We are all SO excited.

She is going 2 days a week still. She is in the same classroom but has two new teachers.

Jason was able to drop her off with me that morning and he actually got to hang around and watch her in Chapel while I had to rush across town to a Dr’s appt. I was so jealous because I’ve always wondered what they do in Chapel (she says it is her favorite part). I know they sing and dance and hear a Bible story. But she will come home singing stuff and doing hand motions that I don’t know what they are from.

The drop off was great. She went right in and started playing with her favorite toy

My biggest concern is using the potty. I just hope she can make it through the day accident free.


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  1. I bet she did great! She looks adorable! Chapel- how precious!! What a blessing that your school offers that!

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