Second Dance Class

We were both so excited to head back to dance class this week. Cady knew what to expect this time and I just knew she would do wonderfully.

I had to take a couple of pictures before class. I’m not sure I will ever stop this. I just love having these pictures to judge how she changes.Plus, it’s a guaranteed picture and with her you never know if you are going to get another chance.

She was even willing to show me what she learned last week: First Position.

Is she not the cutest ever?!?!

We headed to class. She waited pretty well for Miss Bri to let them into class. She was talking here (she never really stops)

Rylie was feeling better this week so she was able to make it to class.

I took some pictures with my phone through the viewing windows. They are only moderately ok.

Before class started. Cady is sitting, with her back to the camera on the right.

Here they are stretching and warming up (Cady is the one closest to the camera, on this side of the girl in the black)

Doing butterflies

And here she is waiting her turn to do some skills. She is the one sitting out in front

Another fabulous class that was so fun. Unfortunately we have to wait 2 weeks to go back because of Labor Day. Plenty of time to practice though.



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2 responses to “Second Dance Class

  1. Precious! I LOVE all of the dance pictures. They’re just so stinkin cute in their leotards!!

  2. I love your pic of Cady & Rylie sitting together-you can see the excitement they have to get started! Your cell pics turned out good! I’m surprised we still got shots through that glass!

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