Cupcake date

I helped host a baby shower a couple of weeks ago and was introduced to an adorable cupcake place downtown. I love love love love love Sprinkles still. And these cupcakes can’t hold a candle to Sprinkles. But the interior is just adorable. I told some friends about it and we all decided to make a day of visiting the place.

We met a nearby restaurant that everyone always told me about and ate some lunch. Then we had a caravan over to the cupcake place.

There is Cady, Katy, Kendall, and Owen. Rylie was there too they just hadn’t made it to the table when I snapped this picture

Cady was enjoying her cupcake

But I guess the ridiculous heat and the SUPER sweetness of the cupcake didn’t mix well because Cady got sick soon after this picture was taken. I felt so bad for her. This is the first time she has ever really gotten sick sick and she just didn’t know what was going on. It broke my heart.

Not all of our friends were able to make it so hopefully we will be able to do it again, maybe when it’s a bit cooler. And minus the bodily functions.



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3 responses to “Cupcake date

  1. poor baby. she looks so cute with her cupcake though. :/

  2. Rylie was seriously concerned about Cady ALL WEEKEND! She told everybody at my reunion Sat “Cady sick.” lol I kept telling her she’s better now. I tried to text you all weekend but I was out in country town with no signal. Glad she’s all right now. Thanks for mentioning Rylie too-glad someone didnt forget us!

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