Pottery Painting

Sorry I went MIA this week. I’ve been keeping us very busy and wearing myself out in the process. Plus my camera batteries died during the taking of the following pictures. So sadly there are no 25 week belly shots.We’ve also been working very diligently on potty training! And it’s going so wonderfully. Updates on that Monday with her 30 month post (2.5 already!)

On Tuesday, a friend invited us to join a group from her church at a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery place. I was a little concerned because a bunch of pre-schoolers around paint and ceramics… well it could have been bad. On the way there Cady and I went over the 3 rules: Listen to Momma, No Running, and No jumping. I made her repeat them back to me several times.

It was so fun. They listened to a story about watermelons and then painted a plate to look like a watermelon! All the kids did so well and I think their plates will be absolutely adorable (they have to fire and glaze them, before we can pick them up).

Listening to direction on how to paint her plate

You can see Charlotte and Jaiden in the background also working hard on their plates

Adding the “rind” to her watermelon (Kendall is back there too)

She really did so great and followed directions well. No reason to ever worry.

Had to take a minute for a photo op with Mommy

And then a cute one someone captured of Double Trouble: Cady and Charlotte


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  1. That was such fun & such cute pics of the 2 of you! Cady was an absolute doll, as always!!

    I’ll be lucky if I get my pics posted in a week! You are way ahead of me!!

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