Swimmy Playdate

On Friday, we met up with some of our friends at their neighborhood pool to try to beat the heat and let the kids have some fun together. They have a much more kid friendly pool than is in our neighborhood, so Cady takes full advantage. The floaties stayed off and she splashed in the kiddie area all morning.

I didn’t get my camera out because I don’t trust myself with it too close to water (I get even more clumsy than normal when I’m pregnant). But between a group one of us can always manage to get some pictures. Ashlee is usually one to count on for this and this time was no exception. So thanks Ashlee. I borrowed some pics from you.

They have a kiddie slide that Cady just LOVES. She spent her whole time going up and down the slide

She wasn’t a huge fan of that water pouring on her head, so she started backing her way up the stairs…. because that makes a huge difference… LOL

And this is a cute one of Rylie and Cady after they had just gone down the slide.

We had a great time with our friends and I foresee many more days at the pool in our near future because the heat is on again.


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  1. Haha feel free to take any pics of mine anytime! I was glad to get some cute ones of Cady! Rylie had so much fun with her friends too. That Cady’s a character & I loved the look on her face on the bottom pic. lol

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