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28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 weeks

Size of baby: 2 lb 9 oz and 14.8 inches. About the size of chinese cabbage

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +19 lbs. I went to the Dr today and I have gained 5 lbs since my last appointment. I am right on track to gain a perfect amount of weight (around 30 lbs). As long as I can keep it slow and steady. I’ve definitely been trying to be aware of what I’m eating. I am craving sweets, but I have been eating lots of fruit. It’s healthy and can satisfy that craving for me.

Maternity Clothes: I’m pretty much down to the rubberband trick on all my pants. My maternity jeans are still pretty big. My shorts are fitting ok. But I’m wearing dresses a lot.

Gender: Still a girl

Movement: Tons of movement. She definitely has her patterns set. She will wake up and “play” when I wake up to use the bathroom. She is also ready to play when I wake up for the morning.

What I miss: Seeing my feet πŸ˜‰ No, I’m really not missing a whole lot right now. I’m loving every second

Sleep: I’m sleeping so good. I think I just get so tired throughout the day that getting comfortable at night isn’t an issue. I’m sure that will change in a few weeks, but right now I am a champion sleeper.
Symptoms: CRAZY reflux. It has started waking me up in the middle of the night.
Cravings: My thing this week is Simple Orange with Pineapple Juice. It is so yummy. But it gets her fired up and doing flips in there.

Best Moment this week: I love going to the Dr and hearing her heartbeat and just knowing that everything is perfect with her.

What I am looking forward to: Finishing the nursery. We got paint on the walls. Jason is currently putting up wainscoting as I type this. Her bedding came in last week. Things are definitely coming together.



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Dancing Queen

I had gone back and forth all summer about what Cady was going to do this fall. We’ve loved Kindermusik, but I thought Cady might want to try something new. We discussed gymnastics, but I’m afraid Cady’s long legs will always be her downfall just like mine were.

So what does an active girl, with long legs do? BALLET!

I have dreamed since before Cady was ever even a thought about having a daughter and putting her in dance. It just so happens that Cady’s Kindermusik teacher, whom we ADORE, opened her own dance studio this summer. Where better to take her than to someone we know, trust, and love. It was never a question. Define Dance & Arts Studio was our only choice.

A couple of weeks ago we stocked up on leotards, tights and ballet slippers. Shopping for that stuff was so much fun for me.

I had to get some pics before we headed off to class (those are just the shoes she wore into the building, then we changed into ballet slippers). We have been talking it up all week, so she was excited to be heading out.

She was showing off her best moves

Here she is sitting next to her teacher, Miss Bri

Just waiting for class to start

I didn’t get any pics while she was in class. I figured she would do better if I was out of sight. And I was right. She did great! And I know she had a great time.

She is in class with a few of her friends. Kate and Rylie are both in her class. Kate wasn’t feeling dance today, but they are going to try again next week. And poor Rylie woke up not feeling well on her first day of dance, but we look forward to seeing them in class next week too.

Kendall is also in her class. Charlotte is in a class another day, but was able to visit on our day.

I am so excited for the next several weeks of dance!

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My handy man

I am ridiculously lucky because I married a man that is VERY handy and really enjoys doing things like building and fixing and updating. He’s my very own Bob Villa.

Cady has had mismatched furniture since she got her big girl bed. Her bed is white and her dresser is cherry. We have been searching for a white dresser for awhile. But now that the new baby is going to need that dresser the search became a bit more important.

Jason built a nightstand for Cady and thought, with the help is Knock-Off Wood, he could make her a dresser.

This was the inspiration:

And for FAR less than $700 we have this:

He did an amazing job. I couldn’t be more happy with the final result. I think I’ll keep him around πŸ˜‰

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Cupcake date

I helped host a baby shower a couple of weeks ago and was introduced to an adorable cupcake place downtown. I love love love love love Sprinkles still. And these cupcakes can’t hold a candle to Sprinkles. But the interior is just adorable. I told some friends about it and we all decided to make a day of visiting the place.

We met a nearby restaurant that everyone always told me about and ate some lunch. Then we had a caravan over to the cupcake place.

There is Cady, Katy, Kendall, and Owen. Rylie was there too they just hadn’t made it to the table when I snapped this picture

Cady was enjoying her cupcake

But I guess the ridiculous heat and the SUPER sweetness of the cupcake didn’t mix well because Cady got sick soon after this picture was taken. I felt so bad for her. This is the first time she has ever really gotten sick sick and she just didn’t know what was going on. It broke my heart.

Not all of our friends were able to make it so hopefully we will be able to do it again, maybe when it’s a bit cooler. And minus the bodily functions.


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I get by with a little help from my friends

I am so lucky to have met the friends I have here. Many of my friends were met through Kindermusik. We all have kids the same age and they all get along (most of the time πŸ˜‰ ) I am also very lucky that a few of them are bloggers as well. So they always have their cameras at the ready. If I forget mine I can almost always guarantee that one of the other mom’s is going to snap some good pictures. Recently a couple of my friends have posted some cute ones and I decided to borrow them.

Becca captured the kid’s being cute after the pottery painting. We all walked over to a burger place for a little lunch. Cady and Charlotte started holding hands and Kendall, who is so sweet and affectionate, got in on it too.

Well Owen, the ladies man, couldn’t be left out.

While a few of us went to order our food, Becca sat with the kiddos. She is a former teacher so she came prepared and was able to keep the entertained.

Thanks Becca for getting those cute shots!

Ashlee is also one I can always count on to have her camera.

She got a cute shot of her Rylie and my Cady at Rob and Julee’s Gender Reveal/Housewarming

And they are our permanent Storytime date. This week she caught Cady being a little bookworm (she gets it from her Momma)

And this one cracks me up because Cady was so serious about reading this book

Thank you Ashlee! You always catch some great ones.


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26 Weeks

Sorry, you get casual Courtney this week.

How Far Along: 26 weeks

Size of baby: 1 lb 14 oz and 14 inches. About the size of an eggplant

Total Weight Gain/Loss: ~ +15 lbs. We don’t own a scale so I’m not sure. I don’t go back to the dr for 2 more weeks and I’m pretty sure I haven’t gained much since my last appt

Maternity Clothes: I’m using the rubberband trick on a couple pairs of pants. I still have two or three that I can button normally. My maternity jeans are still a little too big also.
Gender: Girl
Movement: She has moved up a little and she is active. Although I am feeling her less and less

What I miss: Drinking and eating whatever I want

Sleep: Still sleeping really well. I had a couple of rough nights. I invested in a body pillow with a cushy cover and I’m sleeping better than ever
Symptoms: A little back pain and my heartburn/reflux is setting in hardcore. But all that I can handle.
Cravings: Nothing really recently

Best Moment this week: Working on stuff for her room. Jason is finishing up a dresser for Cady’s room so we can move her current one to Baby Sister’s room. After that paint can get started. I’ve bought some things so I can do a couple of craft projects in there. I will likely work on those this weekend.
What I am looking forward to: Working on her room. I’m really starting to feel the crunch. We are 98 days away from her due date (and she is likely going to be here a bit early). I’m a week away from the third trimester. I feel like we have so much left to do. And even though we don’t need much for her, there are some bigger things that I still have left on my shopping list. We still haven’t ordered her bedding. We *NEED* a new monitor (Cady’s bit the dust). Also some clothes because the seasons aren’t going to match up. I’m just starting to feel overwhelmed because I know we are just going to get busier and busier this season and I want to make sure we can get it all done.


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30 Months

Happy 30 Months Cady Cupcake!

2.5 years old! So big!

The biggest thing to update on is potty training. I can say with great pride and relief that Cady is POTTY TRAINED! There were some trying times, but for the most part we just followed her lead. We are on break until school starts at the end of the month. I was determined that we could do some really good potty training in that time. I told her no more diapers and she was on board.So far we have had no accidents. I do still carry around a complete change of clothes because you just never know, but she is doing so great.

It so nice to have the freedom from diapers. But I have learned there is some give and take. I’ve seen WAY too many public restrooms through this whole thing and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon

Her imagination is really starting to develop as well. We’ve been dealing with a moose infestation around our house. Moose. In Texas. It’s true according to Cady.

Last week she said she heard a moose and it scared her. She wanted Daddy to help her find the moose when he came home. Since then it has been a constant moose watch around here. I really can’t wait to know all the things she comes up with in the months to come. She is sure to keep us cracking up with it all.

She knows her alphabet, her numbers, and shapes. We are still working on those stinking colors. Jason swears to me she isn’t colorblind, but I’m not completely convinced (just kidding, mostly).

She is also very caring. She worries when other people are upset or hurt. She is very gentle with kids younger than her and with animals. I just know she is going to make a fabulous big sister.

She is just getting to be such a big girl. I cannot wait to see what the next few months bring us.

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Watermelon Plate

Right after I made the post about painting pottery I got the email that Cady’s plate was ready.

It turned out so cute.

And before you doubt that a 2.5 year old painted that, I assure you she did. They did all the “seeds” and all the lettering. But the green and red parts were all her.

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Pottery Painting

Sorry I went MIA this week. I’ve been keeping us very busy and wearing myself out in the process. Plus my camera batteries died during the taking of the following pictures. So sadly there are no 25 week belly shots.We’ve also been working very diligently on potty training! And it’s going so wonderfully. Updates on that Monday with her 30 month post (2.5 already!)

On Tuesday, a friend invited us to join a group from her church at a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery place. I was a little concerned because a bunch of pre-schoolers around paint and ceramics… well it could have been bad. On the way there Cady and I went over the 3 rules: Listen to Momma, No Running, and No jumping. I made her repeat them back to me several times.

It was so fun. They listened to a story about watermelons and then painted a plate to look like a watermelon! All the kids did so well and I think their plates will be absolutely adorable (they have to fire and glaze them, before we can pick them up).

Listening to direction on how to paint her plate

You can see Charlotte and Jaiden in the background also working hard on their plates

Adding the “rind” to her watermelon (Kendall is back there too)

She really did so great and followed directions well. No reason to ever worry.

Had to take a minute for a photo op with Mommy

And then a cute one someone captured of Double Trouble: Cady and Charlotte

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Ok, so we listen to kiddie music a lot. But sometimes Momma’s just gotta listen to the regular radio every now and then. I suppose I’ve been listening to it more often lately. Obviously, since Cady has learned the words to “OMG” by Usher.

This one cracks me up because of the “Cheese!” at the end

And then shaking her booty to her new favorite song


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