Blame It On The Rain

Do you realize how many song titles have to do with rain? I never even thought about how many songs about rain I love.

“Somewhere Over the RAINbow”

“I’m Only Happy When It RAINS”

“Have You Ever Seen the RAIN”

“November RAIN”

“Purple RAIN”


“Fire and RAIN”

Those are just the ones I could think of. But you really can’t go wrong with Milli Vanilli, right? I didn’t think so.

So why the rain theme? It has been rainy this week. Pretty good little showers have passed through pretty much everyday. Tuesday I picked Cady up from MDO in the POURING rain. So I decided since we were already wet and we didn’t have any afternoon plans that playing in the rain sounded like a good plan.

We changed into some play clothes and rain boots and out we went.

Cady was THRILLED to splash in the puddles I normally yank her away from. I think I POURED significant amounts of water out of her boots 4-5 times while we out there.

And yes, I was letting her play in the street. Luckily we live on a very quiet street and Cady moved back into the drive on the rare occasion a car drove by.


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One response to “Blame It On The Rain

  1. Duke

    Oh I totally played in the street too. That’s where the best puddles are!

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