Cady the Flowergirl

This past week we have been in Arkansas visiting family. Our usual Summer trip is Memorial Day Weekend. This year we pushed it back a bit because a dear friend was getting married and Cady was requested to be the flowergirl in the wedding.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful (Congrats Breeze and Jennifer!) and we had such a great time with good friends (we miss y’all so much!). But Cady was the most fabulous flowergirl ever. I was a little concerned what would happen since they wedding was smack in the middle of nap time. But the child never fails to surprise me. She turned on the cute and the charm for her walk down the aisle. She sat in the front row with Jason and I like a perfect angel during the ceremony. And she tore. it. up. on the dance floor during the reception.

Seeing as I was just concerned about getting her down the aisle and keeping her from ruining the ceremony, I didn’t take any pics before hand (someone got some of those times and they are posted on my Facebook wall, if you are friends with me there). All my pics are from the reception.

Cutest Ever!

She took to the Jr. bridesmaid, Autumn and they were BFF and dance partners all night

Another little girl joined their dance party. They were adorable and obviously having a blast

All the single ladies waiting on the bouquet toss

Autumn actually caught the bouquet, but she gave it to Cady. She was THRILLED.

Again, thank you to Breeze and Jennifer. We had so much fun and we were so glad to celebrate your big day with you!



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3 responses to “Cady the Flowergirl

  1. ashlee

    i love the picture of her trying to catch the bouquet. so cute! that dress is DARLING

  2. Melissa

    So gorgeous! She was the perfect flower girl! I knew she could do it. She is a princess, after all.

  3. ADORABLE!! She looks so pretty. I bet you got a ton of precious pictures!!

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