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“Rice Krispie Trees”

We are always on the hunt for things to INDOORS while this heat is so crazy out of control.

I like to cook, and I’m good at it. Baking it another story. Its much too exact for my tastes. I don’t like the measuring and all that so much. Or maybe I’m just not that great at it. Whastever the reason, I don’t do it often. So adding a toddler into the baking mix just seems like the least amount of fun to me. So I thought rice krispie treats would be easy enough (you can’t mess them up) that Cady could help.

She did a fabulous job of mixing them up

But she did an even better job at cleaning up the leftovers after we got them in the pan

She definitely gets that from me. Licking the bowl is definitely my favorite part of baking.


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Zing! Zang! Zoom!

Instead of a family vacation this summer, we decided that we would take Cady to a couple of big shows that  are coming to town. One of those is the The Ringling Bros. Circus. It came to town last year too, but Cady was still too little at that point. Honestly, she may still have been too little this year, at least for where our seats were.

I thought the closer the better. But I’m not sure that’s true for a 2 year old. She was pretty overwhelmed. We were right up front and everything was right in our faces. She didn’t know what to look at half the time. Honestly, there were points Jason and I didn’t either.

But we had a great time. I do think Cady enjoyed herself.

We got to the show a little early and were able to walk around and see the animals before they went on.

We saw elephants

We liked this one a lot because it had a star on it’s back end

We also got to see the zebras. I thought the elephants would be Cady’s favorites, but she talked about the zebras (a baby one, in particular) all night

There was so much going on during the circus. It was hard to get pictures of everything and I didn’t even come close. Some of Cady’s favorites were the dogs that did tricks

The tight rope walkers, who were literally right over us.

I liked these people who got shot out of this cannon

But of course all of our favorites were the elephants

We had a great time and our looking forward to our next big show in a few weeks.


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Wordless Wednesday: Corn on the Cob


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23 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along:
23 weeks

Size of baby: 1 lb 3 oz and 11.4 inches. About the size of a Mango

Total Weight Gain/Loss: ~ +7 lbs. We don’t own a scale so I’m not sure. I did get on Wii Fit this weekend and I have gained some weight. I have a dr’s appt Thursday so I will know for sure next week.

Maternity Clothes: Still doing regular jeans right now. I guess they just sit so low that the belly doesn’t affect them. I have gained a little in the thighs and the such because jeans that were fairly baggy are fitting a little tighter.
Gender: Still a girl. 😉 And we still aren’t set on a name yet. Jason is so difficult
Movement: She is still very active. Instead of the little tickles she is getting big enough that I feel the big flip flops. She is also still sitting super super super low. It gets uncomfortable (for both of us, I think) at times.

What I miss: Nothing much. I am just loving being pregnant.

Sleep: Still sleeping really well. I’m up about once a night but I’m having no trouble getting or staying asleep yet.
Symptoms: Nothing really to speak of
Cravings: I wanted French Toast so badly this weekend, but nothing super off the wall

Best Moment this week: Feeling the movement
What I am looking forward to: My dr’s appt Thursday. I love getting to hear her heartbeat

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Library Storytime

Last week we met up with Ashlee and Rylie at our local library’s storytime. Its really cute. They sing cute songs, listen to a story and do a related craft. Its the perfect break from the heat.

Two cute girls waiting to start

All the kids listening to the story

Cady and Rylie did so good, sitting there listening to the story. Such big girls.

Then they worked on a little froggy craft

Cady showed me her frog after it was done

And both the girls with their frogs

We had such a good time. We even got Chik-Fil-A afterwards with Ashlee, Rylie, Susan and Owen. I think this is going to become a weekly thing.

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Blame It On The Rain

Do you realize how many song titles have to do with rain? I never even thought about how many songs about rain I love.

“Somewhere Over the RAINbow”

“I’m Only Happy When It RAINS”

“Have You Ever Seen the RAIN”

“November RAIN”

“Purple RAIN”


“Fire and RAIN”

Those are just the ones I could think of. But you really can’t go wrong with Milli Vanilli, right? I didn’t think so.

So why the rain theme? It has been rainy this week. Pretty good little showers have passed through pretty much everyday. Tuesday I picked Cady up from MDO in the POURING rain. So I decided since we were already wet and we didn’t have any afternoon plans that playing in the rain sounded like a good plan.

We changed into some play clothes and rain boots and out we went.

Cady was THRILLED to splash in the puddles I normally yank her away from. I think I POURED significant amounts of water out of her boots 4-5 times while we out there.

And yes, I was letting her play in the street. Luckily we live on a very quiet street and Cady moved back into the drive on the rare occasion a car drove by.

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Sidewalk Chalk Paint and Popsicles

Its far far far too hot outside to go out and run around. But I can’t keep this kiddo cooped up inside all the time. So I have to find fun things to do outdoors that aren’t too taxing. On one of my favorite blogs I found a recipe for Sidewalk Chalk paint.

Cady loves some sidewalk chalk but our drive is much too rough for it to really be fun. Our chalk gets eaten up in no time and our pictures don’t look that great. So this seemed like the perfect solution.

It is a mixture of 1/4 cup of cold water and a 1/4 cup of cornstarch. Cheap, easy and something you have around the house already probably. I put a few drops food coloring in there to form the color. I would actually probably use more like 5-6 the next time we do this.

But the great thing is that this shouldn’t stain hands, clothes or drive ways.

I grabbed a few old paint brushes

And little Picasso went to work

It goes on like paint but it dries to a kind of chalky consistency. And it should wash off easily with the hose or the next rain

Even though we were outside before 10 am, we still needed to cool down when we came back in. Nothing better than a popsicle to help with that

Pretty much a perfect Summer morning


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Wordless Wednesday: Fourth of July Family Pic

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22 Weeks

How far along? 22 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: + 5 lbs

How big is baby? The size of a spaghetti squash. 10.9 inches long and 1 lb 1 oz

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Bike ride

There is a little bike at Nana’s house just for Cady. She’s been a little too small to ride it until now. We thought we would give it another shot this visit.

I bought her a few Independence Day shirts. This is one of them. Too cute.

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