19 Weeks

How far along? 19 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: + 5 lbs

How big is baby? the size of a mango

Milestones? Today I saw the dr and had the big anatomy scan ultrasound. Everything looks wonderful. I am measuring to my exact due date. All is well and we couldn’t be more grateful for that. We were able to find out the gender. Drumroll please…….


We are very thrilled and can’t wait for Cady to meet her new BFF. I just know that they are going to be very close. It doesn’t hurt that we have saved all of Cady’s clothes from newborn on. Baby sister has 2 years worth of a wardrobe just waiting on her.

We have a name in mind. Jason is sort of waffling on it, so we aren’t announcing it just yet, but I’m pretty sure its set. I’ll announce when I bring him over to the dark side for good 😉

We actually only have 2 pictures from today’s ultrasound. Even though the news we received was wonderful it was still a pretty disappointing experience overall. This is a day that pretty much every pregnant woman looks forward to from day one of their pregnancy. I likely won’t have another ultrasound this pregnancy, so this was it.

My appointment was scheduled at 2:00. We arrived at 1:50. I wasn’t called back until 3. I felt like things were rushed through because they were obviously running late. I didn’t get any explanation as to what we were looking at as she was measuring different parts of the baby.

I distinctly remember this ultrasound with Cady. The tech pointed out all the body parts and told me what she was doing. I got a cd with 15-20 great images of Cady. Today I got three all together, and they aren’t even that great. One is to show that its a girl but you can’t tell a thing. The other two are straight on of her face. Honestly, I always think it looks kind of creepy. I didn’t get to see a single profile shot. Here are the pictures:

(top of head is to the left. The face is the skeleton looking thing)

(in this one the head is to the right)

I know its not something to complain about too much. All that is important is that our daughter is healthy and thriving, and she is definitely that. It was just a slight disappointment and I’m better now. I did write a letter to the company we get the ultrasounds through to express my disappointment. We plan on paying for a 3d/4d ultrasound in a few weeks (with a different company), so I will hopefully get some better pictures of our sweet girl.



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4 responses to “19 Weeks

  1. Julee

    Ok, here is another attempt to leave you a message!! Computer problems over here…. anyway…. YAY!!! Another girl!! Cady is going to be the best big sister. You and Jason are in trouble!! Two little girls to rule over you both!! 🙂 I get why you are upset. Even though it might be silly to others it is something that is important to you. I never did get the fancy ultra sounds. Hopefully those will give you what you were anticipating. Love you girl and so excited for you guys. Ahhh, less than 4 weeks until we are home. Can’t wait to see you guys!!

  2. ashlee

    Ohh I see why you’re dissappointed. I’d be too girl. It’s a big deal & you cant ever have this moment back. You completely have a right to be bummed. I highly recommend the 3d/4d! Have you done that before? I also recommend going 28-30 wks. We went a little late-around 34 wks I think? And it was almost too late-not a lotta room left to get good pics of Rylie but still was ok. I dont know where the places are down here since we went to one near Dallas so you’ll have to tell me where you end up going & how it turns out so I can tell friends! I’m so glad you got to find out today! I know you were worried about not getting to know at this appt. I was worried for yall lol

  3. ashlee

    Oh & I wasnt meaning I see why you’re disappointed by the pics yall got-I meant I see why you’re dissappointed by the way yall were treated & rushed. I still think those pics you got are good! I just realized how my last comment probably sounded bad.

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