Saturday at the pool

We have made it a weekly thing to head out to the neighborhood pool as a family on Saturday mornings. Its just a fun, easy way to spend some good quality time together. We normally load up Cady’s wagon and walk over since the pool is just a couple of blocks from our house. Jason gave her a popsicle as snack on the way there. It was cracking me up with her big hat and big glasses.

It was really nice that Jason played with Cady in the pool while I got to hang out on the side for a little while and sunbathe.We are still loving her Puddle Jumper floaties. Cady has become quite the little trendsetter with them too. All of her friends have gotten their own pair now. They love being just as independent in the pool, too.



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2 responses to “Saturday at the pool

  1. Julee

    Those are some cute pictures! Love the floaties… we will have to get a pair when we get home!

  2. LOL how cute is that hat?! Love it! She looks like she’s tellin yall “that way to the pool!” lol Yes, Cady has certainly started the trend on those! Tell Julee to order hers online now & it’ll finally arrive by the time they get back! lol They’ll for sure be gone from the stores next month!

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