Father’s Day 2010

For Father’s Day, Cady and I took Jason to a baseball game. Or so we say. Really Jason and I took Cady. He got the ticket and it was really all about her (but when is it not?). We’ve been wanting to take her to a game now that she is more into it, and figured this weejend was as good as any.

The seats Jason got us were pretty good. They were out in right field right at field level, so Cady was able to see everything. They also came with a meal deal. We all got a hot dog, a fountain drink and a bag of chips. Cady was in heaven because the “coke” (Sprite) and the chips are not things she normally gets to have.

She definitely loved on her Daddy while at the game. She had a seat, but spent a lot of time in Daddy’s lap.

But she did a great job. Actually much better than I expected. She watched the game. She cheered “Yay Baseball” and “Yay Choo Choo” (there is a train that runs along the edge of the stadium when a homerun is hit). We even got a “Yay Mommy” and “Yay Daddy”

But she did finally tire out and had to take a baseball break.

She slept all the way back to the car. She woke up as we put her in her carseat and sweetly whispered “Bye Bye baseball” They don’t get any sweeter than that girl!



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4 responses to “Father’s Day 2010

  1. Julee

    She is just too much! Glad you guys had so much fun. Can we make a date to go with you guys when we get back. I have been craving a baseball game. Well, there are lots of things I am craving!! Just let me know when I cross the line…. because you don’t know this… but I have planned so much to do with you guys when we get back. 🙂

  2. So cute! That gives me hope Rylie will do well at a game this Summer!

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