17 Weeks

Please disregard my pajamas. Jason was home later than normal to take my picture and I just couldn’t hold out anymore. Also, I think my pizza dinner has a bit to do with the size of the belly this week. I do feel like I have gotten bigger, but not that much. And how cute is my co-model?!?!?!

And just another because the little diva is too funny to me. Can’t take a picture without her.

How far along? 17Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I went to the Dr last week and I have officially only gained 2 lbs

How big is baby? the size of an onion

Milestones? I definitely felt the baby move at 16 weeks 6 days. Since then its been a movement fest in there. Very active little baby

As long as the baby cooperates, we will be finding out the gender in about 2 weeks. I love old wives tales about pregnancy and other things. And there are a ton related to pregnancy and the gender of the baby. So I decided to take a few of them and see how they turn out for this pregnancy.

Heart rate: This is one of the most common. The tale is if the baby’s heart rate is over 140 it is a girl and under 140 it is a boy.

For me it has been in the high 150’s/low 160’s. So that means GIRL

Belly Shape: Carrying high with a big round belly = Girl and Carrying low with belly straight out = Boy

I don’t know that I’m big enough for this one to really ring true. Everything is out in front. I think its a bit higher than I carried with Cady, but Cady was always very low. So I don’t know which one to chalk this one up for. DRAW

Ring Test: This is another that is very popular. A wedding ring is places on a string. If it swings back and forth, it means girl. If it swings in a circle, it means boy.

This one came out to be GIRL. But I recall doing this for Cady as well, and it came out to be boy. So take that as you will

Face Shape: If your face gets fuller and rounder = Girl If your face is long and narrow = Boy. (I’ve also heard that if your nose spreads = boy)

This is another that may be too soon to really “depend” on. Since I’ve only gained a couple of pounds nothing has changed much at all. But my face is naturally long and narrow, so currently I am chalking this up as BOY

Mayan Tale: Apparently there is a Mayan tale that claims that if you add the mother’s age at conception to the year of conception that you can determine the sex of the baby. An even number means girl and an odd number means boy.

I got pregnant this year, 2010, at 27 years old. That comes out to be 2037 which is an odd number. BOY

Cravings: I had never heard this tale before, but apparently some think that if a mother craves sweet then she is having a girl and salty means she is having a boy.

I have been craving pickles and olives and capers and all things salty and vinegar. Interesting enough, I craved sweets with Cady. So this one could turn out to be very true. BOY

Skin Under Left Eye: This is one of the weirder ones (because, you know, they all make so much sense…). The mother is supposed to pull down the skin under her left eye. What she sees in her eye determines what the gender will be. If she sees a “v” or branches in the white of the eye it means it is a girl.

This one made no sense to me at all, but I did it anyway. I had a perfectly white eye. BOY

Legs: If your legs and butt get bigger then you are having a boy. If they stay the same the baby will be a girl.

This one is just dumb to me. Just because I’ve known many people that this has happened to and there is not rhyme or reason to the gender of their baby. Again, I’ve gain just a couple of pounds so my legs and butt are currently the same size. I didn’t gain a lot of weight in that area with Cady either. GIRL

Moodiness: If the mother is more moody during pregnancy she is carrying a girl. If she is less or the same amount then she is carrying a boy.

This one is likely very subjective. My answer and say… Jason’s answer might be very different. LOL! I don’t *think* I’ve been overly moody this pregnancy. At least not anymore than normal. But I really want someone to find the pregnant woman who admits they have been more moody. BOY

Side you rest on: If the mother is more comfortable on her right side she is carrying a girl. Left side means boy.

Since I am officially no longer a stomach sleeper, I can without a doubt say I am much more comfortable on my left side. BOY

Morning Sickness: This is another VERY popular one. If the mother has morning sickness early in the pregnancy it is a girl. If she has little to no sickness it is a boy.

I was very lucky this pregnancy to not be sick very much at all. I had a few days where I felt a bit icky for a few hours, but it was nothing like the 24 hr 12 week sickness I had with Cady. BOY

Out of 11 tales:

3 were GIRL

7 were BOY

1 I considered a DRAW


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7 responses to “17 Weeks

  1. Grandma

    My gut feeling has been boy since the beginning, but after seeing these pictures of Cupcake, it a little difficult to not want another one just like her 🙂

  2. Very interesting. I like that you compiled all the different myths about this. There are a couple that rang true for me, like the Mayan tale, the salty cravings, and the (lack of) moodiness.

  3. Nana

    I agree with Grandma. How could you not want another one just like CupCake! Don’t take the heartbeat thing to seriously. They said Jason was going to be a girl because the higher heartrate. The sweet and salty thing, not so true. I crave banana splits the whole time with Jason. And one more that Jason proved to be wrong was the morning sickness. I was sick with him for the first five months of pregnancy, didn’t gain a pound!

  4. Julee

    Cute update! Who comes up with these theories anyway!!?? I will let you know what I think after your next ultrasound! I agree, another little girl would be so precious…. but so would a boy. You are so cute with your tiny belly. BTW, I voted girl. Rob thinks boy.

  5. How cute are those pics?!
    I had no idea there were that many wives tales either! Wow! I’m still guessing boy 😉

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