28 Months

The pregnancy update post will have to wait until tomorrow since my girl is 28 months today

Happy 28 Months Cady Cupcake!

I am so impressed with my smart, grown up girl. You all know how wonderfully she has done with MDO.

She is also such a smart girl. She knows all her letters. She can’t necessarily put them in the right order. If you show her any letter of the alphabet she can tell you what it is.

She can also count to ten. She sometimes needs a reminder around 7. She also sometimes forgets one, but a majority of the time she gets from 1-10 with no problem.

She knows all of the basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, star, and crescent). She is catching on to the more complicated ones (rectangle, oval, octagon and pentagon).

She is still struggling with her colors though. Sometimes she gets them right, but I think those may just be lucky guesses. Most everything is yellow when you ask her. We are working on it though.

I love you Little Miss Smarty Pants!


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