Second day of School

I promise I am not going to do a post on every single day of school, but I thought the second day was significant. Pretty much everyone I know who has put a kid in a pre-school program in the last several years told me that the second day was always harder than the first. At least for the kids. They now know that Mommy is leaving and so if there are going to be tears (from them at least) this is when it will happen.

So I prepared myself. The first day went perfectly, but I thought we might have some issues with the second. I walked her into her classroom (I’m not ready for car line drop off just yet). She ran in and started playing. I hung her back pack on her hook and got her things settled. I gave her a hug and told her bye. She said, “Bye Mom!” and kept right one playing.

When I came to pick her up, she was very engrossed in her magna doodle. I sat down and she showed me all about it. I asked if she was ready to go.


“You aren’t going to come home with me?”


“So, I’m just going to leave you here tonight?”


I finally gathered her up to leave and there were a few tears when she had to go. So I think school is a success. She is easily the most independent kid I know. It makes it so easy on a momma to know that she is going to be ok without be around. I love my Little Miss Independent.


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  1. She is such a big girl now!..I am glad the transitions is super easy for her…maybe not for you, but it will get easier , I promise!

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