First Day of School

Well Mother’s Day Out.

I took Cady to a local church yesterday morning and left her with complete strangers. She was fine. She went in and immeadiately started playing. She was so busy she would barely say bye to me.

I, on the other hand, was not ok. I cried the whole way home. Let’s blame that on pregnancy hormones.

I had to take some pictures of how cute she was on this day

She loves her backpack even though it is bigger than her

I took one picture of her in her classroom but I got the side eye right after this from her, so that was it for pictures.

Her teacher said she had a great day. She said she was Little Miss Social and just an all around joy to have in class. I love hearing that.

She only picked at her lunch and she didn’t nap, but you can’t win them all. She is there for the social aspect anyway.



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2 responses to “First Day of School

  1. what a big girl cady! so cute! dont worry-it’s not pregnancy hormones-i cried as soon as i got back into the car after dropping off rylie on her first day! and then i cried again when i got home & it was so quiet! be prepared for day 2 tho-that was when rylie had it hard knowing that she’d be left there. hopefully cady will do better than rylie did!

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