Cady here. I’m glad Mommy and Daddy got a weekend away. I know they really needed it. Mom said she was going on vacation and I was getting a Stay-cation. I’m not totally sure what that it, but I know I like it and Mommy and Daddy can go away like that any time.

Nana and PawPaw John were nice enough to hang out with me and they even took some pictures so we could show Mommy and Daddy.

The first thing we did was go to the Aquarium Downtown. This is something Mommy and Daddy haven’t done with me yet. I’m definitely going to make sure they take me back there soon

I really wanted to maximize my time there, so I had to plan out what we would do.

Nana and I took a picture next to this guy. I’m not too sure about him.

I was able to touch some fish. Nana tried to get me to touch something called a stingray, but I wasn’t so sure about that. They are cool looking, but I think I’ll just look.

This guy was a little scary.

They have this really cool splash pad there. I had a blast playing in the water!

I even made a new friend.

The next day we went to the zoo. This is at my favorite exhibit. There are a couple of little baby monkeys that I am looking at here. They are so cute

But really, so am I 😉

I got to push my stroller around a little

I got a really good look at this funny guy.

We went to Mommy’s favorite part of the zoo. They say this guy is just a baby, but he is a lot bigger than any of the babies I know.

Obviously I got to ride the carousel. I love it so much

And guess what else they have at the zoo? Another splash pad! These are becoming some of my favorite things to do.

That night we went to dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack. This is another place I’ve never been. I got a cute bib.

The food was good, but the best part was the playground they have.

I had a really good time

But I was tired, so we relaxed back at home with a book and some friends

Just to add to our splash pad tour of the city, we hit up one close by. I had it all to myself

I had such a good time with Nana and PawPaw John. I missed Mommy and Daddy a little, but I won’t let them know that. I want them to feel secure about leaving me with other people. Maybe I will get another stay-cation soon. It was a blast!


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