Empty Playroom

This past weekend we redid the front room of our house to make it suitable for a playroom for Miss Cady. Her current playroom is where a nursery is going to need to be in a few months. I wish I had some before pictures but know that the walls were yellow. I hate yellow. No offense to those who have it in your homes, but its not for my home. Lucky, lucky me literally the entire house was yellow when we moved in.

We decided to go with a neutral color on the walls with some fun splashes of bright color in some polka dots.

We added a chalkboard. Its also magnetic after a whole can of magnetic primer.

And we put in this beautiful floor. We just have a few retouches to some paint and finish up some trim and we will load all of her toys in the room.

A big, huge thanks to my Dad for helping us out with this. Jason is very handy but there are just some projects that are a two person job. And while we work great together for most things, home improvement projects tend to cause strain.



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3 responses to “Empty Playroom

  1. Julee

    Cute playroom!! I love the chalkboard. You are giving me some ideas!! 🙂 When I was in high school, I convinced my dad that we needed to paint my bedroom yellow!! Since then, I have been hesitant to paint any room in my own house! The color got old pretty quick. I love to paint and decorate…. maybe in the new house…. just not yellow! So glad you had your dad to help you guys…. it looks really good.

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