Zoo trip with Poppa

Cady’s Poppa came to visit this weekend. He was a HUGE help in getting her playroom all ready for her. Because of all of our hard work on Saturday we treated ourselves to a trip to the zoo on Sunday.

We got there almost as soon as they opened. It was a bit humid but not unbearably hot and all the animals were out and about.

There was a baby elephant that was born just 2 weeks prior. I was too busy telling Jason how much I wanted a baby elephant to keep in the backyard to get a picture. But trust me, he was TOO CUTE!

We got to get really close to the giraffes.

I got a pic of Cady and Poppa near the giraffes

We walked through the fish and rodent house. Its really a weird mix of things. Some fish. Some cute little chipmunk. Some sort of weird bird. Whatever. Usually its pretty crowded in there. There is a tube kids can crawl through in one of the fish tanks. I never let Cady do it because its normally swarming with kids and she is just too little for some things. But this time it was completely open so in she went. She thought it was hilarious to see us through the glass and she was so close to the fish.

In the Children’s Zoo area we saw an eagle and Cady got to sit in the nest (or a nest, not the actual one that belongs to the eagle)

Of course, she had to go brush the goats. Man does she love those goats.

Unfortunately, the visit to the goats ended in tragedy soon after that picture. She stepped in mud and it covered her shoe and foot. (And, yes, I am going to pretend it was ONLY mud. It did rain the day before. It was just mud. Nothing but mud….). To say the least she was upset. But Poppa washed her foot. I washed her shoe and she was as good as new.

We ended the day with a ride on the carousel. She rode a monkey.

I think the next two convey just how much she enjoys the carousel. Besides the monkeys, it is definitely her favorite thing.

We had a really great day at the zoo and can’t wait for Poppa to come back to visit.



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2 responses to “Zoo trip with Poppa

  1. Julee

    Cute pictures! We will have to go to the zoo when we get back. I hate the goats!! Charlotte likes to go in there just for spite!! I can’t wait to see how the playroom came together. When do you find out what you are having? I know, I am full of curiosity and have little patience!! Miss you guys and so glad that you blog!!

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