Last Kindermusik class

at least for a while anyway. We’ve been in Kindermusik for almost 2 years, but are going to take a break this summer. Cady is starting school two days a week. We are also going to give swim lessons and gymnastics a try this summer. I just think our schedules will be too overwhelming to add Kindermusik into that mix. I have to say we are pretty sad about it because we have so much fun every week and we will miss Miss Sandy. But I do think getting out and trying a couple of new things will be good for Cady. Plus, we definitely plan to start Kindermusik again in the Fall when things slow down a little bit again.

Unfortunately our little class has dwindled down to just a few kiddos this semester. We started out with 7 kids. Sweet Charlotte is away in China (and we miss her so!). Another friend just had a lot going on at home and they had to take a break. Another little girl had surgery recently and just wasn’t feeling up to being back in class. So that left us with 4, Cady, Rylie, Aaron and Aniyah. Unfortunately Miss  Rylie was sick yesterday and had to miss so there were only 3 kids in class. We sure missed Rylie, but the kids definitely had fun.

Cady and Aaron were waiting for Aniyah to show up. Cady got into a basket and Aaron tried to push her around

After our Hello song and a couple of activities that were hard to capture on film, the kids sat down to play some instruments.

Aaron is going to be a percussionist when he grows up. I just know it. He was giving Cady some lessons.

Then we went on the towel rides. Cady looked like she was trying to land planes with her two flashlights

And thank goodness we got to play with the parachute during our last class before a break. It is definitely Cady’s favorite.

At the end of the class the kids all said bye to each other. Cady gave Aaron a big hug. You think he would be used to hugs from girls since he has 3 older sisters, but I guess he gets enough of that at home. LOL

We really are going to miss Kindermusik and most of all Miss Sandy this summer. We couldn’t ask for a teacher that is any better or loves these kids any more. Thanks Sandy!


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  1. ashlee

    we are seriously bummed we missed our last class with yall! =( once rylie’s feeling better we’ll have to meet up! Thanks for bringing her goodies to her!

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