Big girl cups

Cady is just growing up so quickly. We started using booster seats at restaurants and figured why still use the high chair at home. So we have moved Cady to the table in a booster seat.

She also tried big girl cups this weekend. I didn’t know how it would go, but figured we should have them on hand in case she wanted to use them. It went better than we could have ever expected. We started out with water and it was so successful she drinks everything (water and milk) out of them.

I got some pictures at breakfast this weekend of her new spot at the table and her new cup.



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4 responses to “Big girl cups

  1. Grandma

    So sweet, but kinda sad to see her growing up so quickly. Love you guys!

  2. Congrats Cady! What a big girl!

  3. ashlee

    I need to get Rylie off sippies full time! She just drinks from big girl cups at school but I dont have any short plastic ones at home so we’re still on sippies. Way to go Cady moving on up!

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