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Ready for The Masters

I found a cute little golf set at Target the other day for about $5 and I couldn’t pass it up.

Gotta get our golf pro started early.

She has a pretty good stance

But her swing needs a bit of work

Daddy had his clubs out and they had to compare equipment



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14 Weeks

I plan to do this every week, so that I can sort of keep a pregnancy journal. I wish I had done this with Cady, but I wasn’t blogging at that point.

How far along? 14 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +1ish lbs. I had gained 2 but lost one at the last appointment

How big is baby: About the size of a lemon

I am feeling pretty good now that I am officially in the second trimester. I can tell my energy has picked up a bit, but I still tire pretty easily. I’ve noticed that when I lug Cady around it doesn’t take long to get worn out.

I’m still in my regular jeans. I’m wearing lots of maternity tops, and lots of dresses. I think I will live in dresses until November.

I think I felt some Braxton Hicks this past week. I know its early but I’ve read that its not unheard of this early.

I think this is a boy, but I had a dream a night or two ago that it was a girl. So who knows. My feelers are off on this obviously. We will know the gender around the end of June.



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We finally put the finishing touches on the new play room. I think it turned out great.

Cady can’t wait to invite her friends over to play.


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13 week Ultrasound

I had an ultrasound today. I am 13 weeks. Just wanted to post the pictures. Mostly just profile and full body shots. The baby is measuring perfectly and everything looks wonderful.

If you aren’t into ultrasound pictures then you might want to skip this post.


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Just testing out the wordpress app on my phone. I should be able to add the pictures I take on my phone this way

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Empty Playroom

This past weekend we redid the front room of our house to make it suitable for a playroom for Miss Cady. Her current playroom is where a nursery is going to need to be in a few months. I wish I had some before pictures but know that the walls were yellow. I hate yellow. No offense to those who have it in your homes, but its not for my home. Lucky, lucky me literally the entire house was yellow when we moved in.

We decided to go with a neutral color on the walls with some fun splashes of bright color in some polka dots.

We added a chalkboard. Its also magnetic after a whole can of magnetic primer.

And we put in this beautiful floor. We just have a few retouches to some paint and finish up some trim and we will load all of her toys in the room.

A big, huge thanks to my Dad for helping us out with this. Jason is very handy but there are just some projects that are a two person job. And while we work great together for most things, home improvement projects tend to cause strain.


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Zoo trip with Poppa

Cady’s Poppa came to visit this weekend. He was a HUGE help in getting her playroom all ready for her. Because of all of our hard work on Saturday we treated ourselves to a trip to the zoo on Sunday.

We got there almost as soon as they opened. It was a bit humid but not unbearably hot and all the animals were out and about.

There was a baby elephant that was born just 2 weeks prior. I was too busy telling Jason how much I wanted a baby elephant to keep in the backyard to get a picture. But trust me, he was TOO CUTE!

We got to get really close to the giraffes.

I got a pic of Cady and Poppa near the giraffes

We walked through the fish and rodent house. Its really a weird mix of things. Some fish. Some cute little chipmunk. Some sort of weird bird. Whatever. Usually its pretty crowded in there. There is a tube kids can crawl through in one of the fish tanks. I never let Cady do it because its normally swarming with kids and she is just too little for some things. But this time it was completely open so in she went. She thought it was hilarious to see us through the glass and she was so close to the fish.

In the Children’s Zoo area we saw an eagle and Cady got to sit in the nest (or a nest, not the actual one that belongs to the eagle)

Of course, she had to go brush the goats. Man does she love those goats.

Unfortunately, the visit to the goats ended in tragedy soon after that picture. She stepped in mud and it covered her shoe and foot. (And, yes, I am going to pretend it was ONLY mud. It did rain the day before. It was just mud. Nothing but mud….). To say the least she was upset. But Poppa washed her foot. I washed her shoe and she was as good as new.

We ended the day with a ride on the carousel. She rode a monkey.

I think the next two convey just how much she enjoys the carousel. Besides the monkeys, it is definitely her favorite thing.

We had a really great day at the zoo and can’t wait for Poppa to come back to visit.


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27 Months

Happy 27 Months Cady Cupcake!

Cady turned 27 months on Saturday. I came so close to forgetting her picture this time around. I know it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I took it at 27 months and 1 day, but I like knowing that each picture was taken on the exact same day every single month. I like that these pictures capture a particular moment in time and I always know exactly when that moment was.

This one was taken right before she was to go get a bath. It had been a busy day. We worked on her new playroom all weekend (pics to come soon) and she was such a big help. Because she worked so hard her hair is a little crazy and she have some stains on her shirt. But she looks as cute as ever.

I love you Cady Cupcake!

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Cady’s Big Announcement

Yes, that’s right. Cady is going to be a big sister. And the three of us are very excited.

We’ve known for quite a while now. I’m almost 13 weeks at this point. We have wanted to make sure, after the events of last year, that everything was fine before making any sort of announcement.

I saw the doctor for the first time at 8 weeks and I also saw a baby with a strong, healthy heartbeat. I have another appointment next week for another ultrasound, but thanks to a sweet friend who has an at home doppler I know that this sweet baby has a good healthy heartbeat. We expect everything to be perfect at our appointment next week.

I am due November 23rd and I really am thrilled. I’ve been feeling pretty good. Very little sickness. I’ve just been a bit tired, but that might have more to do with the toddler I chase around all day, every day.

I do want to thank our sweet family and friends. A few people have known since 8 weeks and they’ve been very supportive. I know we’ve have many good thoughts and prayers coming our way for a while.

This blog will still remain mostly about Cady, but I will try to post weekly updates for everyone as well. And pretty soon this will be Cady Cupcake Plus One.

One Year Ago Today: Where the Sidewalk Ends


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Last Kindermusik class

at least for a while anyway. We’ve been in Kindermusik for almost 2 years, but are going to take a break this summer. Cady is starting school two days a week. We are also going to give swim lessons and gymnastics a try this summer. I just think our schedules will be too overwhelming to add Kindermusik into that mix. I have to say we are pretty sad about it because we have so much fun every week and we will miss Miss Sandy. But I do think getting out and trying a couple of new things will be good for Cady. Plus, we definitely plan to start Kindermusik again in the Fall when things slow down a little bit again.

Unfortunately our little class has dwindled down to just a few kiddos this semester. We started out with 7 kids. Sweet Charlotte is away in China (and we miss her so!). Another friend just had a lot going on at home and they had to take a break. Another little girl had surgery recently and just wasn’t feeling up to being back in class. So that left us with 4, Cady, Rylie, Aaron and Aniyah. Unfortunately MissĀ  Rylie was sick yesterday and had to miss so there were only 3 kids in class. We sure missed Rylie, but the kids definitely had fun.

Cady and Aaron were waiting for Aniyah to show up. Cady got into a basket and Aaron tried to push her around

After our Hello song and a couple of activities that were hard to capture on film, the kids sat down to play some instruments.

Aaron is going to be a percussionist when he grows up. I just know it. He was giving Cady some lessons.

Then we went on the towel rides. Cady looked like she was trying to land planes with her two flashlights

And thank goodness we got to play with the parachute during our last class before a break. It is definitely Cady’s favorite.

At the end of the class the kids all said bye to each other. Cady gave Aaron a big hug. You think he would be used to hugs from girls since he has 3 older sisters, but I guess he gets enough of that at home. LOL

We really are going to miss Kindermusik and most of all Miss Sandy this summer. We couldn’t ask for a teacher that is any better or loves these kids any more. Thanks Sandy!

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