I really should come up with more descriptive titles for these since there are about 40 entries called “Kindermusik” but I’ve got nothin’

This week it was hard to get pictures because Cady was in motion the entire time. A lot of my pictures turned out grainy because I had to shoot in action mode. It reduces the quality a lot, but at least she’s not just a blur.

This week was our friend Charlotte’s last class for a while. She and her mom and dad are going to China for a few months! I’m really excited about the opportunity they are getting, but we sure are going to miss them. Cady and Char are two little peas in a pod.

We use these hula hoops a lot in class. Sometimes they are cars or trains or boats. I *think* they were boats this week, but I don’t remember.

She was bouncing her hula hoop on the ground

Charlotte and Cady are quite energetic when we get them together

Just a cute picture

Later they took “boat rides” We pulled their “boats” around on the towels

Afterwards we lined up all the kids in their boats to *TRY* to get a good group picture

Three of the cutest girls around Cady, Rylie and Charlotte

The whole group

Aaron was trying to convince Cady she wanted his flashlight because he wanted her red one. When she wasn’t buying it he kind of pouted with his thumb in his mouth. Cady started mocking him LOL



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2 responses to “Kindermusik

  1. Oh my goodness, you really got some great pictures, capturing great moments in class. I just love this class! It really looks like Jaiden and Aaron are communicating some fish talk across the girl’s boats…lol
    I would love for you to load this on the Kindermusik with Sandy fan page…if it isn’t too much trouble.

  2. cady looks like SUCH A BIG GIRL in the 2nd picture, 1st shot of her with the hoola hoop. i dont know why, but she looks more like she’s almost a teenager instead of a toddler!

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