Blue Bonnets 2010

This is my favorite time of year. Well, this and September/October. But I love April. A main reason is the blue bonnets come out. There is nothing more beautiful than a bunch of blue bonnets….. Ok there is. A bunch of blue bonnets with the cutest little girl sitting in them is definitely better.

Cady and I went to a neighborhood near us and sat in the ditch again (Remember Blue Bonnets 2009). I swear one year we are really going to drive out west and actually go to a field of blue bonnets. But this year the ditch will be ok again. Here are the pics I got. The smiles were few and far between.



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5 responses to “Blue Bonnets 2010

  1. Becca

    LOVE them! We’ll be visiting “the ditch” again, often, this year too! I just love bluebonnet pics!

  2. NaNa

    This child has so many expressions!!! I agree, you can’t find anything more beautiful than Cady! What a difference between ’09 & ’10 – she is just growing up way too fast!!!

  3. Rylie wouldn’t cooperate much last year so I hope we get better pics this year! Cady’s smiles at the bottom 2 pics are really great shots, but I also like the candid ones where she’s looking away too!

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