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Cady’s new moves

I think this is pretty self explanatory



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Again this week it was tough to get pictures of Cady because she was in constant motion.

She is playing her shakers

She played them on her shoulders

And her knees

And she danced while she played

She really concentrated

And danced some more

Here we were about to listen to something so she was rubbing her ears to listen better

We got the parachute out and the kids had a blast with it

Cady even helped shake the parachute

She took a boat ride

After the ride was over we docked our boat next to Rylie to listen to a story

The Momma in the story had strong arms. Cady was showing us her muscles and that she has strong arms too.

Then we played with the bells

We finished up class by playing with bouncy balls

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I’ve waited all my life to cross this line

To the only thing that’s true

So I will not hide

It’s time to try

Anything to be with you

All my life I’ve waited

Its true.

Happy 5th Anniversary to the most amazing man ever. Ten years together and I just thought I loved you then…

(Lyrics are True by Ryan Cabrera which was our first dance song)


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26 Months

Happy 26 Months Cady Cupcake!

I’m suffering from computer problems currently,  so this Monthly is going to be short and sweet. I wanted to make sure you all got your Cady fix.

We love you Cady!

One Year Ago Today: 14 Months

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Wordless Wednesday — Snuggles

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I really should come up with more descriptive titles for these since there are about 40 entries called “Kindermusik” but I’ve got nothin’

This week it was hard to get pictures because Cady was in motion the entire time. A lot of my pictures turned out grainy because I had to shoot in action mode. It reduces the quality a lot, but at least she’s not just a blur.

This week was our friend Charlotte’s last class for a while. She and her mom and dad are going to China for a few months! I’m really excited about the opportunity they are getting, but we sure are going to miss them. Cady and Char are two little peas in a pod.

We use these hula hoops a lot in class. Sometimes they are cars or trains or boats. I *think* they were boats this week, but I don’t remember.

She was bouncing her hula hoop on the ground

Charlotte and Cady are quite energetic when we get them together

Just a cute picture

Later they took “boat rides” We pulled their “boats” around on the towels

Afterwards we lined up all the kids in their boats to *TRY* to get a good group picture

Three of the cutest girls around Cady, Rylie and Charlotte

The whole group

Aaron was trying to convince Cady she wanted his flashlight because he wanted her red one. When she wasn’t buying it he kind of pouted with his thumb in his mouth. Cady started mocking him LOL


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Easter Sunday

Sorry, I got sidetracked last weekend and forgot to post this.

Easter Sunday Cady woke up to find what the Easter Bunny had left for her. We don’t go all out on Easter gifts, just some small things that fit inside her bucket

She got some board books and some candy

I got her Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. That’s as much for me as it is for her. I love that movie.

And she got a stuffed “Bah” with a “lowh-wer”

The rest of Easter we spent with some friends at the zoo. It was a good day.

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Egg Hunt FAIL!

We took Cady to a local egg hunt this weekend. It is the same one we went to last year (Egg Hunt 2009). Last year we had a great time. Cady got a lot of eggs and really enjoyed herself. Not so much this year.

She was excited while waiting for the hunt

Unfortunately there are no pictures from the actual egg hunting due to the crowd and the fact that it lasted less than 1 minute before all the eggs were gone. Cady got like 4 or 5. That’s it. They had so few eggs out compared to last year that I’m sure some kids didn’t get any. But they had boxes FULL of eggs sitting next to the hunting area.

We did get a picture of Cady and her bucket (I made it) post-Egg hunt. She looks a bit disappointed and bewildered, right?

That’s all the Easter pictures. Needless to say, we probably won’t be attending this egg hunt again next year.


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Blue Bonnets 2010

This is my favorite time of year. Well, this and September/October. But I love April. A main reason is the blue bonnets come out. There is nothing more beautiful than a bunch of blue bonnets….. Ok there is. A bunch of blue bonnets with the cutest little girl sitting in them is definitely better.

Cady and I went to a neighborhood near us and sat in the ditch again (Remember Blue Bonnets 2009). I swear one year we are really going to drive out west and actually go to a field of blue bonnets. But this year the ditch will be ok again. Here are the pics I got. The smiles were few and far between.


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One of Cady’s favorite songs

is “I Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum. (She has a thing for bands/people named Lady since Lady Gaga is her all time favorite).

She loves to sing along with this song. I once tried to sing along with her and she yelled at me. Make no mistake, this is her song to sing. So I wanted to get a video of it. Of course, she is not going to do it on cue so I had to catch her. This video is not as good or as long as I would hope. I was trying to hide the camera from her….. and the stoplight we were sitting at turned green :-/

Turn your speakers up and listen real hard in the middle. I’m going to work on a better video of it when I don’t have to be concerned about driving at the same time.

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