Easter Bunny Visit 2010

I took a couple of days off to let all of you really enjoy the cute new header Melissa made for me. She’s so awesome.

Yesterday, I took Cady to the mall to visit the Easter Bunny. It wasn’t AS bad as our Santa visit, but I still wouldn’t call it a success.

Here is the resulting picture:

Yeah, she is obviously not happy to be there. When I saw the set up with the bench I thought we had a shot. Maybe if she didn’t have to sit on the Bunny’s lap then it would be ok. Nope.

And the reason the Bunny is sitting like he is is because we (me and the Bunny) found out that Cady was NOT OK with touching him. So this is our picture this year. I love it so much! LOL!



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2 responses to “Easter Bunny Visit 2010

  1. NaNa

    She is so adorable! Her dress is precious.

  2. ashlee

    that is so cute tho! I love these pictures, even when they’re screaming or whatever. hehe!

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