I remembered to take my camera to Kindermusik this week. I’m so glad I did because Cady was in rare form as were all the other kids. Its a rare day that all her friends are in class, but everyone was. It was a lot of fun.

We always get there a little early, so Cady has time to sit and read books. I managed to get a picture every time she was telling me something

As I was taking pictures of Cady, her friend Aaron said, “Take me! Cheese!” LOL So I did as he asked. Cute boy.

Cady then decided she was done with me and thought Aaron’s mommy’s lap looked better

Class started and we sang our Hello song. Cady thought Miss Sandy’s lap was the place to be

She sat there through the Hello song and The Wheels on the Bus. All laps were free when we got up and pretended to be airplanes.

Cady and her wings

But of course in Cady form, she figured out a way to be a silly airplane

We played bells up high

And played bells down low

After that was quiet time and her towel ride. She had to get two animals and a flashlight

After the towel ride, Miss Sandy always reads a story. Cady stayed on her towel so I covered her up so she could be cozy while listening to the story.

The last thing we did was Cady’s favorite. PARACHUTE!



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3 responses to “Kindermusik

  1. she was so funny yesterday! Rylie always asks for “Cady” & “Cady Mommy” when I say we’re going to Kindermusik!

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