St Patty’s Playdate

Cady and I went to a neighborhood near us to meet up with a few of her friends on St. Patrick’s Day.

I really think most of my pictures are of her on the swings. That’s really all she wanted to do.

Swinging with Kendall. They were squealing during this.

All the girls: Charlotte, Rylie, Kendall and Cady

Swinging with Charlotte

Then we tried for a group picture. Cady, Rylie and Kendall waiting for Charlotte

This is the best I could get of the four. Charlotte not paying attention. Cady, whining and wanting to be picked up. And sweet Rylie and Kendall cheesing it up. LOL. But at least I got one with all four in their green.



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2 responses to “St Patty’s Playdate

  1. Becca

    LOVE the pictures! The girls had fun……except for the last photo! Ha!

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