In a special weekend edition

of Cady Cupcake: CADY GETS A HAIRCUT!!!

Like a major one!

Yesterday we took Cady to a local kids salon to get her hair cut off. It was just getting so long and scraggly looking. I loved her baby curls but I knew they needed to go. I am easily the worst blogging mom in history since I completely forgot my camera for this event. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras.

She did a great job! She worked that sucker over during the haircut and then got another afterwards for being so good. I’m glad we tested the haircutting thing out at that place. If she had flipped out at least she wouldn’t be the first or only one.

Here are the after results:

Not styled.

We didn’t have her bangs cut because I am trying to grow them out and train them to lay to the side. Plus her having short bangs just calls for me to trim them and no one wants that to happen.

Luckily, we like hair accessories to hold those babies out of her face.

And the back (its not styled or actually even combed)

I have been talking about this for months but have been too scared. I am so glad I finally had it done. I love it so much even if it does make her look a little too grown up.



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2 responses to “In a special weekend edition

  1. Becca

    ADORABLE haircut!! She’s precious!

  2. Grandma

    So Stinking Cute! I love it!

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