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Wordless Wednesday: Cady and Mommy



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Easter Bunny Visit 2010

I took a couple of days off to let all of you really enjoy the cute new header Melissa made for me. She’s so awesome.

Yesterday, I took Cady to the mall to visit the Easter Bunny. It wasn’t AS bad as our Santa visit, but I still wouldn’t call it a success.

Here is the resulting picture:

Yeah, she is obviously not happy to be there. When I saw the set up with the bench I thought we had a shot. Maybe if she didn’t have to sit on the Bunny’s lap then it would be ok. Nope.

And the reason the Bunny is sitting like he is is because we (me and the Bunny) found out that Cady was NOT OK with touching him. So this is our picture this year. I love it so much! LOL!


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I remembered to take my camera to Kindermusik this week. I’m so glad I did because Cady was in rare form as were all the other kids. Its a rare day that all her friends are in class, but everyone was. It was a lot of fun.

We always get there a little early, so Cady has time to sit and read books. I managed to get a picture every time she was telling me something

As I was taking pictures of Cady, her friend Aaron said, “Take me! Cheese!” LOL So I did as he asked. Cute boy.

Cady then decided she was done with me and thought Aaron’s mommy’s lap looked better

Class started and we sang our Hello song. Cady thought Miss Sandy’s lap was the place to be

She sat there through the Hello song and The Wheels on the Bus. All laps were free when we got up and pretended to be airplanes.

Cady and her wings

But of course in Cady form, she figured out a way to be a silly airplane

We played bells up high

And played bells down low

After that was quiet time and her towel ride. She had to get two animals and a flashlight

After the towel ride, Miss Sandy always reads a story. Cady stayed on her towel so I covered her up so she could be cozy while listening to the story.

The last thing we did was Cady’s favorite. PARACHUTE!


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Outside time

We have been spending tons of time outside. The weather has just been too perfect and I feel bad if I keep Cady cooped up. So as long as she is wanting to be out there we are. Most of the time she wants to bring bubbles or her ball outside. Yesterday (What? I’m all caught up on blogging!) she wanted her ball PLUS her hula hoops.

She kicked her ball around for a little while

Then she played in her house

And then it was time to hula hoop

And Dad, I finally got a video just for you


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St Patty’s Playdate

Cady and I went to a neighborhood near us to meet up with a few of her friends on St. Patrick’s Day.

I really think most of my pictures are of her on the swings. That’s really all she wanted to do.

Swinging with Kendall. They were squealing during this.

All the girls: Charlotte, Rylie, Kendall and Cady

Swinging with Charlotte

Then we tried for a group picture. Cady, Rylie and Kendall waiting for Charlotte

This is the best I could get of the four. Charlotte not paying attention. Cady, whining and wanting to be picked up. And sweet Rylie and Kendall cheesing it up. LOL. But at least I got one with all four in their green.


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Kate’s Birthday Party

Cady went to Kate’s birthday party a couple of weekends ago. It was held at the same place we had Cady’s.

Jumping with Rylie

The best part: bubbles

She has bubbles in her hair

Playing with the sticks

Taking a scooter ride

She thought it might be more fun to pull the scooter instead of ride on it.

We had a great time at the party!

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Giddy Up Cowgirl!

The rodeo is in town. I can’t even begin to explain this to someone unfamiliar with it. There is very little that this ENTIRE city gets fired up about, but they do about the Rodeo.

Jason took a half day from work and took Cady and I on a date to the Rodeo. We didn’t actually watch the rodeo that day. I think Cady is still a little young to be interested in it for too long. I think next year might be the time. But we did ride some rides and see some animals.

Jason and Cady riding the tram from the parking lot to the rodeo. She “choo-choo-ed” the entire ride. She also picked those sunnies out all by herself.

We tried to get her to ride by herself at first. That didn’t go over too well. We were at the Kid’s Carnival, so we had to find rides that I could fit on as well. Our first ride were bumblebees.

Then we moved onto the carousel.

Cady was waving to all her adoring fans (aka Daddy)

She chose a pig for this ride

It cracks me up that she held on to the ears

After that, we wanted something a little faster. This is sort of like the teacups, but a kiddie version.

Daddy got a cute picture

Mommy got a little queasy after this ride. Cady loved it.

We also rode the ferris wheel. This isn’t kidding around. The *BIG* ferris wheel has the enclosed cars. This “little” (and I use that term loosely) one didn’t. I hated it. You might be able to see my white knuckles in the pictures. Cady loved every. single. second of it.

After riding a few more rides, we took a little break to watch *MY* favorite part of the rodeo: MUTTON BUSTIN’!!! A mutton is apparently a full grown sheep. They strap 5 or 6 year old kids on the back and they try to hang on for as long as possible. It is so stinkin’ adorable. If Cady wants to do it in about 3 years, I will be all for it. I will actually strongly encourage it.

My little cowgirl even left the rodeo with a cowgirl hat. So did her daddy.


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25 Months

This is a couple of days late, but rest assured that I did take this picture ON the 15th. I’m pretty impressed that 25 times I have gotten a picture exactly on the 15th. I may not be good at one a day, but one a month I can handle.

Happy 25 months Cady Cupcake!!!

Cady is awesome at 25 months.

She is a great conversationalist. She repeats things a little too much for my liking, but she definitely has a lot to say. She is stringing 3-4 words together in a mostly coherent manner. And most people can understand much of what she says.

She got a big girl haircut and as you can see it is just the cutest thing ever.

She got registered for PRE-SCHOOL! Yes, Miss Cupcake is going to go to school 1 day a week this summer, and two days a week starting in the Fall. She is going to love it and so am I!

She is becoming such a big girl and I love it.


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Cady shows off

The other day I was able to get Cady to perform some of her “tricks” for the camera.

This first one is Cady and her harmonica (Dad, I bet you will enjoy this). This was her musical instrument from this term of Kindermusik.

This term of Kindermusik is all about transportation. She has developed a knowledge and love of trains. Here she is talking a little bit about that.

And I think I promised this video a few weeks ago. Cady performing to “Wheels on the Bus” The baby part kills me every time.


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Monday Playdate

We met up with our friends Kendall and Kate at the same place we held Cady’s birthday party. At various times throughout the week they hold 45 minute “playdates.” With the way the weather has been lately its nice to have an indoor place the kids can burn some energy.

Cady and Kendall playing with some toys

Cady had a tough time on this thing but she really enjoyed it

She took a ride on a big orange fish

Crawling through the tunnel

Just crawling around

And then it was BUBBLE TIME!

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