365 Days of Cady Cupcake

If you recall I am trying to take at least one picture of Cady every day. Its been a week and I (and Jason, too) am doing great.

Day 1: We got to play outside because the weather warmed up a little. She was give the trees a little love.

Day 2: Kindermusik Cady

Day 3: Enjoying some WonderPets while I got ready

Day 4: Daddy had to take over for a few days while Mommy was out of town. Cady is showing off a cute gift her friend, Braxton, sent her.

Day 5: Daddy took Cady to the park and she was on the big girl swings.

Day 6: We were ready to head to dinner. Cady had her baby all ready to go.



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2 responses to “365 Days of Cady Cupcake

  1. Grandma

    Cutest tree-hugger I’ve ever seen. Did you ever think you would here me say, “I love that tree-hugger”?

  2. Grandma

    sorry court, I got carried away, that would be “hear” not “here”

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