The rest of Kindermusik

Besides “The Wheels on the Bus” pictures I got some cute pictures of Cady during last week’s Kindermusik

We do things where we walk/march/jump/move and then stop. This is Cady’s response to “STOP”

The kids also played under the parachute

Cady and Aaron both laid down to watch the parachute from that angle

Claire and Aniyah decided to join them. Look at their little faces.

Kicking their legs up

And this is probably one of the cutest pictures I’ve ever taken of Cady

After the parachute we had quiet time. The mom’s will pull the kids around on towels. Cady prefers to pull her stuffed tiger around my herself

This is so cute. Cady, Rylie and Charlotte all sat down in a little line. Doesn’t it look like Rylie is telling a major story and Cady is listening intently?

Playing her sandblocks and dancing

Recently all the kids have started giving each other hugs at the end of class. I love to see Cady being so loving to others.

Hugging Aniyah, Rylie and Claire.



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2 responses to “The rest of Kindermusik

  1. Wonderful pictures capturing Cady in Kindermusik class!

  2. Kerry

    Great pictures!!!!!!! I love the hugging pictures.

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