24 Months!

Happy 24 Months Cady Cupcake!

I am seriously just in awe that it has been 2 whole years since Cady blessed our lives. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more fun two years.

Cady is just making huge strides as far as speech goes. I can understand a huge amount of what she says. Nana (or Nanny as Cady has started calling her) and PawPaw John came to visit. It wasn’t until they were here that I realized how much I (and Jason too) get that other people don’t. Cady has her own little language. She is putting 2 and 3 words together on a regular basis. She is a great little communicator.

The terrible twos have begun, but they really aren’t so bad. She definitely has strong ideas of how she wants things. And when they don’t happen that way she lets us know she isn’t happy with it. But I feel like we are staying strong and teaching her that whining and tantrums get her no where. We actually had our first real public meltdown this weekend. She got over it quickly when she realized it was doing her no good. I’m sure it wasn’t the last time, but I can always hope, right?

She is definitely keeping life interesting. She broke one of our living room windows last week. She threw a ball and hit. I guess when my mom said, “Don’t play ball in the house.” she was right. Who knew? 😉 I’m sure this isn’t the last time she will cause some sort of destruction, but I know she didn’t mean to.

We go to the doctor tomorrow for the 2 year checkup, so I will update with stats later.

I also have a new idea for a blogging feature. On one of the blogs I read regularly, the mother started taking a daily picture of her daughter at the first of the year. She will continue this throughout the year. It’s not necessarily a posed picture. Just a picture of them and their daily activities. I love this idea and am starting it today. I think it will force me to take more pictures and be a better blogger. So Cady’s third (!!!) year will be recorded DAILY! I will probably post a week’s worth at a time. So look forward to that.

Cady Cupcake, you make every day such a fun adventure and I can’t wait for this next year.

OH! And before anyone asks, her bow and her shirt were both birthday gifts from Kendall. Kendall’s mommy, Becca, is very talented and makes these cute things. You can find her stuff at Too Cute Creations.



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4 responses to “24 Months!

  1. Becca

    Her hair is just precious!! She looks so happy! What an adorable picture!! I can’t wait to see the daily pictures. What a cute idea!!

    I’m so glad you liked the bow & shirt. I thought the cupcakes were a must!! Thanks again for having us Saturday. Kendall had a blast!

  2. Love the daily picture idea! HOW FUN!

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