Donut Date

A couple of weeks ago I got a craving for chocolate donuts. I realized Cady had never had a donut before. So I decided that for our breakfast the next morning Cady and I would have a little donut date. We woke up and loaded up in the car in our pj’s. Luckily, there is a donut shop with a drive through right next to our house.We picked up a plain chocolate donut for me, a chocolate donut with sprinkles for Cady, and some donut holes (my favorite).

Its definitely not the usual healthy breakfast I try to make, but Cady approved. And it will work for a little treat every so often



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2 responses to “Donut Date

  1. Kerry

    It’s easy to see she is enjoying it.

  2. ashlee

    That’s seriously the exact donut order we place too when we treat for breakfast! Shipley’s the only place with the real choc donut made of choc dough!

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