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365 Days of Cady Cupcake

If you recall I am trying to take at least one picture of Cady every day. Its been a week and I (and Jason, too) am doing great.

Day 1: We got to play outside because the weather warmed up a little. She was give the trees a little love.

Day 2: Kindermusik Cady

Day 3: Enjoying some WonderPets while I got ready

Day 4: Daddy had to take over for a few days while Mommy was out of town. Cady is showing off a cute gift her friend, Braxton, sent her.

Day 5: Daddy took Cady to the park and she was on the big girl swings.

Day 6: We were ready to head to dinner. Cady had her baby all ready to go.



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The rest of Kindermusik

Besides “The Wheels on the Bus” pictures I got some cute pictures of Cady during last week’s Kindermusik

We do things where we walk/march/jump/move and then stop. This is Cady’s response to “STOP”

The kids also played under the parachute

Cady and Aaron both laid down to watch the parachute from that angle

Claire and Aniyah decided to join them. Look at their little faces.

Kicking their legs up

And this is probably one of the cutest pictures I’ve ever taken of Cady

After the parachute we had quiet time. The mom’s will pull the kids around on towels. Cady prefers to pull her stuffed tiger around my herself

This is so cute. Cady, Rylie and Charlotte all sat down in a little line. Doesn’t it look like Rylie is telling a major story and Cady is listening intently?

Playing her sandblocks and dancing

Recently all the kids have started giving each other hugs at the end of class. I love to see Cady being so loving to others.

Hugging Aniyah, Rylie and Claire.


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The Wheels on the Bus

I actually remembered to take my camera to Kindermusik this week soley because of “365 Days of Cady.” I’m doing really well on it…. 2 days in.

This week we started out with “The Wheels on the Bus” song. Cady got the movements down really quickly. I will work with her and try to get a video soon.

The wheels on the bus go round and round

The people on the bus go up and down

The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish

The driver on the bus says, “Move on back!”

The baby on the bus says, “Wah wah wah”

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This is serwious!

If that statement in the title doesn’t strike a chord with you, then you obviously haven’t spent enough time with Cady. It is a common phrase on her favorite cartoon. Her birthday party was WonderPets themed. That means the favor boxes were as WonderPets themed as we could make them. We were able to find MingMing masks. Here is Cady wearing hers:

A cuter little duck has never existed.


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2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday we threw Cady a big birthday party with all her friends.It was held at a place where the kids can run and jump and play. The employees there organize activities for all the kids.

Cady swinging on the rings

Charlotte bouncing on the trampoline

Owen taking his turn

Beckett was checking out the other trampolines

Kendall on the slide

They have a “roller coaster” the kids can use. They LOVED it. I lost count of how many times Cady went down.


Cady and Charlotte

Kendall and Rylie

Kate on the slide

Rylie and Owen

Kate and Beckett

Sweet little Rylie

Cady, Kendall and Kate waiting for bubbles

They were told to close their eyes for a surprise. Charlotte and Jaiden did a good job


Then the kids took ride on their “Fly Boats” (Cady’s party was WonderPet themed)

They played basketball

The closest thing to a group shot. I *think* all the kids are in this one

After the kids played hard it was time for presents, pizza and cupcakes

She actually blew out her candle on her own!

What a happy birthday girl!

We are so glad all our friends could come celebrate with us. We had a wonderful time.


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24 Months!

Happy 24 Months Cady Cupcake!

I am seriously just in awe that it has been 2 whole years since Cady blessed our lives. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more fun two years.

Cady is just making huge strides as far as speech goes. I can understand a huge amount of what she says. Nana (or Nanny as Cady has started calling her) and PawPaw John came to visit. It wasn’t until they were here that I realized how much I (and Jason too) get that other people don’t. Cady has her own little language. She is putting 2 and 3 words together on a regular basis. She is a great little communicator.

The terrible twos have begun, but they really aren’t so bad. She definitely has strong ideas of how she wants things. And when they don’t happen that way she lets us know she isn’t happy with it. But I feel like we are staying strong and teaching her that whining and tantrums get her no where. We actually had our first real public meltdown this weekend. She got over it quickly when she realized it was doing her no good. I’m sure it wasn’t the last time, but I can always hope, right?

She is definitely keeping life interesting. She broke one of our living room windows last week. She threw a ball and hit. I guess when my mom said, “Don’t play ball in the house.” she was right. Who knew? 😉 I’m sure this isn’t the last time she will cause some sort of destruction, but I know she didn’t mean to.

We go to the doctor tomorrow for the 2 year checkup, so I will update with stats later.

I also have a new idea for a blogging feature. On one of the blogs I read regularly, the mother started taking a daily picture of her daughter at the first of the year. She will continue this throughout the year. It’s not necessarily a posed picture. Just a picture of them and their daily activities. I love this idea and am starting it today. I think it will force me to take more pictures and be a better blogger. So Cady’s third (!!!) year will be recorded DAILY! I will probably post a week’s worth at a time. So look forward to that.

Cady Cupcake, you make every day such a fun adventure and I can’t wait for this next year.

OH! And before anyone asks, her bow and her shirt were both birthday gifts from Kendall. Kendall’s mommy, Becca, is very talented and makes these cute things. You can find her stuff at Too Cute Creations.


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Play Date

Last week, Cady and I met up with Susan and Owen for a little walk to the duck pond (yes, again) and a stop at the playground. The kids got to get some good energy out of their systems and Susan and I got to have a nice leisurely walk and talk a little.

Owen liked the trees

No, really. He gave a few of them hugs. He takes tree hugging literally. It was really adorable.

The cutest pictures ever are the ones of the kids holding hands. They really are way too cute.

And then we made a little stop at the playground before heading home.

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Photography by Cady

For Christmas Cady got one of those cool Kid Tough Digital Cameras. She can actually take pictures and we can upload them to the computer. A lot of her photography is of nothing, but she has gotten a few shots.

Cady and Daddy

Her feet in various states

My feet

Me, in the act of changing her diaper

A stain on her shirt (I’m sure this is some sort of social commentary 😉 )

And then her favorite subject, herself, from various angles.

There will likely be future installments of “Photography by Cady” as she takes more pictures.


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For the birds

or the ducks.

We took Cady to a neighborhood next to ours where they have a duck pond. She obviously did not inherit her mother’s fear of birds (ducks are included).

After all our bread was gone she didn’t want to leave. She just sat down on the sidewalk to watch the ducks.

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Donut Date

A couple of weeks ago I got a craving for chocolate donuts. I realized Cady had never had a donut before. So I decided that for our breakfast the next morning Cady and I would have a little donut date. We woke up and loaded up in the car in our pj’s. Luckily, there is a donut shop with a drive through right next to our house.We picked up a plain chocolate donut for me, a chocolate donut with sprinkles for Cady, and some donut holes (my favorite).

Its definitely not the usual healthy breakfast I try to make, but Cady approved. And it will work for a little treat every so often


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