First Haircut

I’ve been debating about when to do this for months. Yes, months. Cady need a trim to shape things and definitely to get her bangs out of her eyes. But I just knew that any trim would take away those sweet baby curls at the ends of her hair. I finally decided it had to be done. I had an appointment before Christmas, so I took Cady along. My sweet friend (and stylist), Rebecca, did a great job.

Cady wondering what Miss Rebecca is getting ready to do.

Cady loves Rebecca

The cutting begins. Rebecca got her hair of out her eyes and literally barely snipped the ends.

Cady actually did pretty well. She was in a bad mood to begin with, but she was pretty good. She was very interested in what Rebecca was doing with those scissors, but there were no tears involved. I call that a success.



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2 responses to “First Haircut

  1. ashlee

    cutie cady! love the new ‘do! where do you take her for her haircut? i cant find anybody in our area. i’ve been takin rylie to woodlands mall & it’s really gettin to be a pain goin all the way out there every time.

  2. Courtney

    I just have my stylist do it. She has a place at Tuscany Village (right next to Double Dave’s). I trust her to do a great job and she is a close friend so she is pretty fond of Cady.

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