Christmas Eve 2009

Finally for the big Christmas posts.

Christmas Eve was pretty low key. We spent most of the day just cleaning and organizing. We were expecting Jason’s mom that afternoon, but some major flooding in Arkansas pushed their trip back a little.

We let Cady open one gift. It was from her bestie, Paxtin.

She got a Little People Mini Van. Thanks Paxi.

After Cady’s bath we set out Snockerdoodles and milk for Santa. (These were solely for Santa. We made sugar cookies that Cady was allowed to partake in).

Then we read The Night Before Christmas as a family and tucked Cady into bed so Santa would come.



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2 responses to “Christmas Eve 2009

  1. Grandma

    We may not have made gingerbread houses, but we were all about the Milk & Cookies for Santa.

  2. AW! Love that Paxi’s gift was the Christmas Eve one. =)

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