Santa Visit 2009

I had been planning on taking Cady to visit Santa long before the week before Christmas. I really knew better. But again, our holidays didn’t really go as we expected. So, we found ourselves in line to visit Santa barely a week before Christmas. I knew we were crazy. I didn’t know how crazy though. Apparently, I am a 2-hour-wait kind of crazy. But Cady was actually very excited about seeing Santa.I had been talking it up for weeks in hopes that she would not freak out.

Not so much. She was fine until I sat her on his lap and then she flipped

Here is my unofficial picture I took with my camera:

And the official picture that we bought (only 1 of)

Santa seems to be in a good mood, even if Cady wasn’t.



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2 responses to “Santa Visit 2009

  1. Grandma

    It may not look like in the pictures, but I’m sure you didn’t
    scar her for life, “Mean Mommy” 🙂 Love you

  2. HBG

    Best. Picture. Ever. 🙂

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