23 Months Old

Happy 23 Months Cady  Cupcake!

I cannot believe Cady will be 2 next month. At times it seems like it was just yesterday, but at the same time it seems so long ago. She is so different from that little itty bitty baby we brought home from the hospital. Our life 2 years ago seems like a completely different life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This month Cady has just continued talking up a storm. She has started saying phrases and just really talking. Its so funny sometimes to have conversations with her, but I can understand her most of the time.

She has also continued being her independent self. She loves to do things on her own. If I give her a chance to do something then she will definitely give it all she’s got.

We’ve had several playdates within the last month and I love seeing how social she is becoming. She loves playing with her friends, and its really satisfying to see them finally start interacting rather than just side-by-side play.

There has also been a little progress on the potty training front. She has asked to use the potty and been successful at it a few times within the last month. I’m not sure that we are all out potty training, but its definitely there on the horizon. I can see the end of diapers.

She is so silly. She keeps us constantly laughing. She loves that. And if you are laughing and she isn’t in on the joke, well, she laughs anyway.

I love you Cady Cupcake and I can’t wait to laugh with you for the next two years.



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3 responses to “23 Months Old

  1. Melissa Blair

    Happy 23rd Month Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

  2. Grandma

    I love your braids! I love you bunches! And remember you can always call Grandma if you need too 😉

  3. Becca

    The huge smile is priceless!! She’s a doll!

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