22 Months

HA! I am a couple of days away from taking her 23 month picture and posting that update, so I thought I should get in her 22 month stuff.

Happy 22 Months Cady Cupcake (even if it is a month late).

Her 22nd month was the big language explosion. It started right after 21 months while we were home in Arkansas.

We were at my mom’s house and I gave her a cracker. She busted out with the word “cracker” completely clear. I was shocked. The next morning, she said “biscuit” and I don’t know that I’ve ever even said the word biscuit to her. From that point on it was pretty much a new word every day. She definitely has her own way of saying certain things (keep an eye out for a video about bananas) and she still won’t say Momma on cue (I think that’s mostly because she knows I want her too). But she is officially talking.



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2 responses to “22 Months

  1. Melissa Blair

    I can’t even believe she is almost two! Oh my goodness, just as beautiful as ever. I remember waiting to hear when she came into this world and now she is just blazing a trail right though it! Love her so much!

  2. This is one of my favorite monthly pictures, Court. She looks so cute. AND so grown-up.

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