Cookie Exchange

A couple of weeks before Christmas, my sweet friend, Tiffany, hosted a bunch of us moms and kiddos at her house for a cookie exchange. I had never been to one, but it was so much fun and I hope it becomes a tradition in our group of friends.

Everyone baked 3 dozen cookies of their choice and packaged them in to packages of two. Before you left the playdate, you loaded up your platter with a bunch of new cookies! The cookies were great. Here is the cute tablescape Tiffany set up (Ashlee, I borrowed a couple of pictures from you).

But even better than the cookies was a chance to really just hang out with some of my friends and to let the kids play together.

Cady and Owen playing together

Cady was loving Kate’s little chair (and the Christmas tree). She just sat there for awhile taking everything in.

She also thought Kate’s baby stroller would make a good seat.

And here is a cute one of me and my friend, Julee. This time with friends was exactly what I needed at the time.

Thanks again to Tiffany. She hosted about 15-20 kids and their moms in her home. I know Cady and I appreciated it.


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