Finger Painting

WAY back in November, I decided Cady was ready for some finger painting. By ready, I mean wouldn’t eat the finger paints (she’s still about 50/50 on crayons). So, I got her dressed in some old clothes and we went outside to paint.

A little video of Cady in action



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3 responses to “Finger Painting

  1. Becca

    Yay! I’m glad you’re back!…….and doing well!!

    Love the finger painting! I’ve thought Kendall might enjoy that too. But, haven’t been brave enough yet. I finally broke down and bought some play doh. So, I guess finger painting is next!! Cute pics!

  2. ashlee

    i’ve been checking back like every day waiting for an update…finally stop checking back over the weekend & you posted! haha glad yall are back! hope to see yall in kmusik!

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