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This stuff is Bananas

Well its kinda bananas how Cady says the word “banana.” Seriously, this cracks me up more than it probably should.



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Jeep Ride

The weather had been really iffy around Christmas and we never had a good opportunity to go out for a ride. So New Year’s Day we went over the the local high school’s parking lot to teach Cady to drive.


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Play Clay

One of Cady’s presents she received for Christmas was Play Clay. We love this stuff. It smells great (one of my big gripes with Play Doh), it doesn’t flake, and it tastes yucky (so hopefully kiddos won’t eat it).

The weather has been awfully iffy around here lately, so we’ve been having lots of chill at home days. I had to break out the play clay.

It came with a rolling pin and all these cute little cutters.

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Cady does Home Improvement

Daddy was working on a home improvement project for me, and Cady wanted to get in on a little of that action

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First Haircut

I’ve been debating about when to do this for months. Yes, months. Cady need a trim to shape things and definitely to get her bangs out of her eyes. But I just knew that any trim would take away those sweet baby curls at the ends of her hair. I finally decided it had to be done. I had an appointment before Christmas, so I took Cady along. My sweet friend (and stylist), Rebecca, did a great job.

Cady wondering what Miss Rebecca is getting ready to do.

Cady loves Rebecca

The cutting begins. Rebecca got her hair of out her eyes and literally barely snipped the ends.

Cady actually did pretty well. She was in a bad mood to begin with, but she was pretty good. She was very interested in what Rebecca was doing with those scissors, but there were no tears involved. I call that a success.


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Christmas Day 2009

Santa visited.

Cady in her new jeep

(Videos of her driving it to come)

She sort of loved her stocking stuffers

Then she ripped into the presents.


The rest of Christmas day was just spent cooking and enjoying the company of our family and friends. It was very low key and absolutely perfect.


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Christmas Eve 2009

Finally for the big Christmas posts.

Christmas Eve was pretty low key. We spent most of the day just cleaning and organizing. We were expecting Jason’s mom that afternoon, but some major flooding in Arkansas pushed their trip back a little.

We let Cady open one gift. It was from her bestie, Paxtin.

She got a Little People Mini Van. Thanks Paxi.

After Cady’s bath we set out Snockerdoodles and milk for Santa. (These were solely for Santa. We made sugar cookies that Cady was allowed to partake in).

Then we read The Night Before Christmas as a family and tucked Cady into bed so Santa would come.


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Santa Visit 2009

I had been planning on taking Cady to visit Santa long before the week before Christmas. I really knew better. But again, our holidays didn’t really go as we expected. So, we found ourselves in line to visit Santa barely a week before Christmas. I knew we were crazy. I didn’t know how crazy though. Apparently, I am a 2-hour-wait kind of crazy. But Cady was actually very excited about seeing Santa.I had been talking it up for weeks in hopes that she would not freak out.

Not so much. She was fine until I sat her on his lap and then she flipped

Here is my unofficial picture I took with my camera:

And the official picture that we bought (only 1 of)

Santa seems to be in a good mood, even if Cady wasn’t.


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Gingerbread House

I swear I will finish the Christmas posts before the end of January.

Another tradition, I wanted to start with Cady was making a gingerbread house every year. I never did them as a kid, but I always wanted to.

So we I put a house together

Cady helped a little

She mostly just helped eat things

And got messy

She directed the decorating of the house

And then decided she would just do it herself

And a little video, really for no other reason than it cracks me up

Y’all I really don’t know I make faces like that. I could never be a poker player

Here is our finished product:


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Decorating the Christmas Tree

I have been looking forward to this Holiday season SOOOOOOO much. I have been planning every tradition I want to start with Cady. This Christmas season started out a little rough for us, and it was really hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit. I actually debated about decorating for Christmas, and I didn’t do everything that we normally do. But I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. It was our first Christmas at our house with Cady and I wanted to make sure that I made it special for her.

One of my favorite things is decorating the tree. I’ve always dreamed about decorating it with my little girl. I think Jason realized how hard it was for me to get in the spirit of things, so I came home after running some errands with a friend one weekend to the tree put together (we do a fakey).

While Cady was napping I put our few glass ornaments on the top half of the tree. When she woke up, she and I decorated the bottom half with our plastic and shatterproof ornaments.

Last year she didn’t even pay attention to the tree, but she loved it this year.

She loved it so much that the next day she just sat next to it for a long time. She pointed out every ball on the tree (we pretty much only have balls) and she touched every present.

She did really good with it though. She really obeyed the whole look and not touch thing. Plus, I think its been so long since her birthday that she kind of forgot what presents were all about because she didn’t mess with those at all.

Here is the finished product.

Plus a picture of my “mantle” and the stockings

Also, another tradition I started (even before Cady was born) is buying her an ornament every year. My hope is to find an ornament that means symbolizes something from that year. When she is grown up and moved out and has her own tree to decorate, she will be able to take those ornaments with her and use them on her tree. This is her 2009 ornament.A cupcake, what else?


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