21 Months Old

Happy 21 Months Cady Cupcake!

Just a few short months and this girl will be two. I can’t believe it.

The theme this month has been Miss Independent. She has really wanted to do things herself. And many things she can.

She can put on most pairs of shoes by herself, although it isn’t guaranteed they are on the right feet.

She can undress herself. Redressing is another story. Everything goes on her legs, even tops.

One of her independent streaks has come in Kindermusik. Most of the time the kids sit in the mom’s lap and we do the motion to show them or sometimes we even do the motions for them. Cady has been having none of that. She likes to sit by herself and do the motions all by herself. Its been really adorable to see her listenting to Miss Sandy and following directions (most of the time).

I can’t believe its been 21 months. I know she is only going to get more and more independent. I also know the next 3 months are going to fly by.



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2 responses to “21 Months Old

  1. aww miss cady is growing so fast! i remember when she was just this little bitty girl in kindermusik…so quiet. she’s getting so big now! cant believe she’s almost 2!!

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