Sticker Art

I know I have mentioned Productive Parenting before. I really love the site. It has helped me come up with new things for Cady to do. Most are really simple, but not something I would necessarily think of on my own.

This week we did Sticker Art. Cady is only semi-interested in coloring with crayons or markers. They still tend to go in her mouth at this point. But I want her to be able to have a creative/artistic outlet. Several weeks ago, I bought Cady a big sticker book and a set of little stamps in the Dollar Spot at Target. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to use them for, but we found out this week.

She would pick out her sticker. I would help her get it off the page and let her stick it on the paper. She also really got the hang of the stamps. Unfortunately they just look like blobs of color because they were cheapies. But they worked for this purpose.

And her masterpiece.



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