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There’s no place like home….

Hmmm…. wonder what she could be?

This might help…

Still don’t know?

Yep, she is Dorothy.

Too bad she sort of hates her costume. We might end up actually being a UCA Cheerleader for Halloween. I barely got her to wear it for 10 minutes for pictures.

She showed off the “chews” (shoes) with a scowl on her face.

And then let me know how she felt about the whole costume thing

So this is her offiicial Halloween costume, but I guess it will be a surprise as to what she actually agrees to wear.

One Year Ago Today: 10-30-08



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I got nothin’…..

I was doing really good with posts. Tons of content. I’m out. So today I will share with you this adorable picture our wonderful Kindermusik teacher, Ms. Sandy, got of Cady a few weeks back. She is so wonderful to capture great pictures of our kiddos and share them with us. Thanks Sandy!

Stay tuned. I think I’m going to do the big Halloween costume reveal tomorrow.

One Year Ago Today: 10-25-08


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Pumpkin Carving

Last year, Cady was a bit too young to help with pumpkin carving. I don’t even think we carved pumpkins last year, honestly.

So I was definitely excited for her to help me at least clean them out this year.

Kitty Cat Cady ready to help

Taking the top off

Reaching in for the first time

She was not real sure about pumpkin guts

She was so dainty with it

“Hmmm… so that’s what’s in there!”

Our finished products

And just for funsies: my Halloween front door

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Sticker Art

I know I have mentioned Productive Parenting before. I really love the site. It has helped me come up with new things for Cady to do. Most are really simple, but not something I would necessarily think of on my own.

This week we did Sticker Art. Cady is only semi-interested in coloring with crayons or markers. They still tend to go in her mouth at this point. But I want her to be able to have a creative/artistic outlet. Several weeks ago, I bought Cady a big sticker book and a set of little stamps in the Dollar Spot at Target. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to use them for, but we found out this week.

She would pick out her sticker. I would help her get it off the page and let her stick it on the paper. She also really got the hang of the stamps. Unfortunately they just look like blobs of color because they were cheapies. But they worked for this purpose.

And her masterpiece.


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Caught with her pants down

Cady has learned to undress herself. A friend of mine pointed out the silver lining, it is a step toward potty training. Until that point comes, however, it might not be such a good thing. This is how she was going about her business this weekend.

Obviously, getting redressed is not something that has been mastered. Hopefully, we can keep the shedding of clothes to something that happens at home and not in public.


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Daily Activities

Sometimes it is really hard to think of new and different things to do with Cady that are fun and interesting for her, while still being productive. Since I am home with her I feel like we should do more than just play together.

I found a website that has been really helpful in coming up with things for us to do. Productive Parenting has tons of things, categorized by age, to do with your child.

One of the activities that we found recently was playing with cornmeal. I set Cady up with some cornmeal, a few bowls and a few different scoops. She really emjoyed herself

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Daddy’s Caddy

Cady loves helping Daddy with his chipping practice

Watch him swing

Go retreive the golf ball

Watch him hit again

Making sure all the golf balls end up in the net

She loves helping

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If you’re happy and you know it…

Cady’s new favorite song.

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It has just recently cooled down enough here for socks to be even remotely needed. Cady hasn’t had on a pair of socks since probably March. I put a pair on her the other night for bedtime. You would think she had never seen socks before in her life. She laid in bed for a long time she examining her feet.

I had socks on the other day and she was excited to see me take them off. She wanted to put them on.


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Are you ready for some Football?!?!

One of Cady’s new words.


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