More Poppa visit fun

While Cady’s Poppa was in town we decided to take advantage of school being back in session and make a visit to the Children’s Museum again. The last time we were there was a Saturday and it was just too crowded and busy on the first floor with bigger kids for Cady to have any fun.

This week the first floor was virtually empty. So Cady got to explore.

The first the she went to?

The phone. She looks confused because the person on the other end was speaking Spanish.

The she put Poppa to work and made him pull her up on this thing

She took Poppa for a ride in a sweet car.

I’m pretty sure she is giving a dirty look to another little girl who got in the car with her in the second picture.

After we explored quite a bit in the downstairs portion we headed up to the second floor where they have their toddler area.

And again she went straight toward the house with the tea set. She is a born hostess.

She and Poppa looked at these neat little dioramas that responded to a light switch or the shade being pulled up. There was even a bathroom one that had a flusher.

She played on the slide

And made a little music

Thank you Poppa for hanging out with us at the museum.


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