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We found this big time bubble…. thing… on a clearance shelf at Wal-Mart. Yesterday afternoon was nice, so Cady and I decided to go outside and test it out.

I was able to get a video of her telling me what it is.


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Budding Van Gogh

Or more like a budding Pollack.

That is contraband crayon on my window. The glass window was pretty easy to clean. Windex did wonders (and honestly, my windows needed cleaning anyway)

This was a little more difficult:

If you have ever wondered, “What will remove fuschia crayon from a white window frame?” The answer is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Thank you, Mr. Clean.


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Sunday Tiger

That is who Cady was channeling in her little red pants on our golf excursion this Sunday.

Cady and I accompanied Jason to a little nearby golf course. Jason intended to play 18 holes but we didn’t really plan it right. Dinner time came and Cady decided she either wanted to eat or run wild and free. So we only got in 9 holes.

But it was a great 9 holes.

She is a dutiful little golfer and even smoothed out her divots.


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19 Months

Happy 19 Months Cady Cupcake!

I took Cady to the doctor two weeks ago. She is going to be a tall one (like that’s a surprise to anyone) 35 inches and 24 pounds. I think all of those 35 inches is legs. She is all legs for sure. Again not sure where that comes from….. LOL

The doctor said everything looked great. He did want us to work on her verbalization. He was not concerned about her learning abilities or her hearing because she *CAN* repeat pretty much anything and she comprehends EVERYTHING. She just chooses not to verbalize. We’ve decided that we’ve just made it too simple for her to not verbalize. So we’ve been working on making her name things and ask for things. It seems to be working. I’ve noticed a lot more jabbering and several more new words that she will use on her own. I can already tell that she will be a talker. The other night she spent at least an hour chatting away in her sleep. So I’m trying to enjoy the silent moments I have. I know they are getting fewer and farther between.


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Surprise Face

Cady makes this hilarious face when something startles her

I think it is so funny.

The other night while she was taking a bath a storm was rolling through. The thunder was pretty loud. She was cracking me up because she would make this face with every thunder clap. Then she started telling her rubber ducky about it to see if he heard too.

One Year Ago Today: 09-09-08

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More Poppa visit fun

While Cady’s Poppa was in town we decided to take advantage of school being back in session and make a visit to the Children’s Museum again. The last time we were there was a Saturday and it was just too crowded and busy on the first floor with bigger kids for Cady to have any fun.

This week the first floor was virtually empty. So Cady got to explore.

The first the she went to?

The phone. She looks confused because the person on the other end was speaking Spanish.

The she put Poppa to work and made him pull her up on this thing

She took Poppa for a ride in a sweet car.

I’m pretty sure she is giving a dirty look to another little girl who got in the car with her in the second picture.

After we explored quite a bit in the downstairs portion we headed up to the second floor where they have their toddler area.

And again she went straight toward the house with the tea set. She is a born hostess.

She and Poppa looked at these neat little dioramas that responded to a light switch or the shade being pulled up. There was even a bathroom one that had a flusher.

She played on the slide

And made a little music

Thank you Poppa for hanging out with us at the museum.

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One of my favorite times of the year officially starts tomorrow.


The team Jason played for in college will be opening up their season tomorrow in Hawaii. Since we don’t live close to home anymore we try to make every game we possibly can. This one was one we wanted to make. Unfortanately, its just not something that worked out.

But we will be supporting the bears from the comfort of our living room with our own little cheerleader.

She is supporting The Bears all the way down to her little booty

A big thank you to Uncle Breeze for decking Cady out from head to toe in UCA gear. He’s a football coach who didn’t overlook the details like a matching bow and socks. It will definitely get plenty of use this season.

One Year Ago Today: Video Post

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While Poppa was here we all went to a little place near us called Old MacDonald’s Farm.

We drive by this place nearly every day. On the weekends it is apparently *THE* place to be. Luckily, we went on a Monday and had it virtually to ourselves. They have tons of things for little kids. Play Equipment. A Pool. And, of course, a petting zoo. Since there were only 3 other families there we were able to just let Cady go and let her do her thing.

She started with the ducks

Then she met some sheep

She was actually able to get in their pen with them.

There were goats

Baby Goats

I think they were Cady’s favorite. They weren’t over zealous like the sheep and bigger goats

She sat on a horse, but I don’t think she was a huge fan so we didn’t take her for a ride

Old MacDonald also has a cow and a donkey

But did you know he had a kangaroo?

Or a Llama with and underbite?

He was my favorite

And these just make me giggle so much! Poppa is such a good sport.

Old MacDonald had a lot of fun things, but Momma had the most important thing: a big bottle of Purel after the fun was over.

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